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This is a place where we can fill the holes in various back stories for each of our characters
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ExoGrim as Sonidia

Black0ut as Blue and Shade

253 years ago

Blue stumbled forward, a massive hole in her stomach that was barely being stopped by her hands. Her body beared numerous lacerations and gashes. Slumping down onto a tree, Blue breathed heavily, the pain excruciating. “I...I shouldn't have fought that thing… who knew giants had chimaeras as pets…” Blue murmured, moving one of her bloody hands to a map that showed the surrounding areas. “It should be here. The Fallen should be here…” Dropping the map, Blue let out a painful shriek, causing a few bird within the area to fly off. “I wonder how...the other Angels will think if I don’t return…” Finally the Angel slipped into unconsciousness, her hands no longer providing pressure on her wound.*

Blue woke up in a small hut, much deeper into the forest. Various herbs were on the tables round her, each labeled.*

Blue weakly looked down, noting that the giant gaping hole she had was completely gone, as if it had never happened. Blue could hear what sounded like the tail end of a conversation. Focusing hard, she heard a feminine voice murmuring, “I can’t believe I found that Angel before she died… half her organs were falling out. Thank the Gods, that Sonidia was awake when I came practically screaming like a banshee in the early morning.”*

“Yeah, Lady Sonidia would’ve been outraged if that Angel didn’t live,” A young male voice said, “Though, I’m sure Lord Griadel would’ve had the better fit over everything.”*

“The Angel King? Well, I do suppose that might start a diplomatic debacle, but nothing close to a war. Besides, from the other corpses I found, the Angel put up a hell of a fight. Two Giants and three Chimaera is nothing to scoff at.” The feminine voice said sternly, as Blue coughed slightly, the after effects of her healing suddenly taking hold.

After a moment of silence, Blue heard the feminine voice ask, “Should we go in and check up on her? Sonidi did say to look out for her…”*

“That would be a good Idea, Shade,” The male voice said, “I’ll go tell Lady Sonidia that she survived while you do that.”*

“O-okay, Mr. Mandy!” Shade exclaimed, before knocking on the door. “Is it ok if I come in?”

“Um...sure?” Before Blue could say anymore, a shadowy figure seemed to glide through the door and in front of her. The shadows solidified into a dress, while the figure’s face became clear. “S-stay back…!” Blue yelled, panicked that an Undead ghost was in her room.

“H-hey, that’s not n-nice… I’m not trying to hurt you.” Shade murmured, as she slinked back to the door.*

“Shade,” A young girl said as she walked into the room, “How many times do I have to remind you that the other races are terrified of Undead… of any kind.”*

“But I wouldn’t even hurt a fly, much less a person…” Shade pouted, looking down at the ground. “I mean… you don’t treat me that way…”

“Are you some kind of group of necromancers? I didn’t mean to wander onto your, uh… holy grounds.” Blue stammered, her eyes shifting between the two, her brain still not having put the pieces together.*

“Necromancers?” Sonidia stated, “It’s been fifteen thousand years since a necromancer has even thought about entering our forest, much less live in our tribe.”*

“T-then what are you doing with...with...that thing!?” Blue practically screamed, an orb of water forming in her right hand.*

“First, she is a Wraith,” Sonidia explained, “And second, we Fallen Angels are more tolerant than you’re heavenly asses. Plus, she’s my best friend, so you will not hurt her.”*

Blue looked dumbfounded, as the orb of water vanished. She tilted her head, utterly confused. “You’re friends with an Undead? A Fallen Angel? Aren’t all Angels, even of the Fallen variety, supposed to smite creatures like Wraiths?” Blue asked vehemently, glaring at the Wraith, as if the look would kill her.

Shade flinched, not used to such hate. “I-It’s okay, Sonidi. Most living things hate me… and nothing will ever change that.” I’ll just go look for things in the Forest… and leave you two be.” Shade said glumly, as she began to float away.*


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“And now you’ve gone and hurt her feelings,” Sonidia snapped, flicking Blue on the forehead, “She only wants to be more than just a monster for brave heroes to kill. And, as for that the smiting thing, we don’t follow your Lord’s rules anymore. You should’ve thought about that before you went and banished us to this pathetic place.” Sonidia turned around and walked off.*

Blue stood still. She never had someone go off on her before. Getting up out of the bed, Blue followed Sonidia, curious as to where she was going.

Out in the village proper, a well-dressed man leaned on a nearby tent, clearly waiting for someone to arrive. Noting the sudden departure of a Wraith, the man slowly walked towards the hut from where the spirit had left. Just as Sonidia stormed out, the man spoke. “Hello Queen Sonidia. I believe you wanted to talk, although judging by the wait, you’re obviously too busy to meet with a King.” He said sarcastically.*

“I don’t have time for your sarcastic banter, Ari,” Sonidia snapped, walking past the King, “My friendship is on the line because of our ‘heavenly’ brethren’s stubborn nature.”*

“You do realize we need a working relationship with the lazy asses who banished us, correct?” Ari responded, “That’s way more important than Shade at the moment.” The King groaned, irritated at Sonidia’s priorities. “I did tell you that having her here would make your life harder, not easier…”*

“Well, considering that the Humans have decided to try and take our forest by force,” Sonidia ranted, “I had to banish my own treacherous brother and am currently being forced to replace my father. I’m a little on edge, if you couldn’t tell.”*

“Oh, I could tell, I just think it’d be more amusing to mess with you. After all, Misery enjoys company.” Ari snickered, as he nodded behind Sonidia, “That one of your people?”*

“What…” Sonidia started before she noticed Blue, “Hell no! She’s a ‘regular’ one. I’m under the assumption that she’s Griadel’s messenger.”*

“Although she’s one of the fluffier and pampered kind, she probably wouldn’t know any better. Hell, were our tribes so open, or different, at the beginning?” Ari argued, “She’s probably straight from the Gates of Heaven, the ‘teachings’ still fresh in her mind. Don’t be so hasty to assume that foreign Angels are all assholes. After all, that title belongs to me. King of the Assholes… it certainly has a nice ring to it.” The King grinned at the new Queen.

“What… what are you people talking about?” Blue murmured, not being able to understand what Ari was getting at.*

“Just how you don’t seem to know enough about Earth and it’s inhabitants,” Sonidia answered, “Anyway, did Griadel send you?”*

“Uhh...not exactly… I heard there was a new Fallen Angel in power, and I wanted to see who it was. Although, I did find a skeleton holding a tattered letter, if you want it…” Blue replied, turning to head back into the hut. After a few moments, she came back with a practically destroyed letter, the top half of it ripped off. “I found it by things?”*

“The giants you killed?” Sonidia said, showing the note to Ari.*

“Oh, Gods...I can barely read this...I think it says, ‘Blessings be... shoved on you?’ I think whoever wrote this shouldn’t have put it in Celestial… something formal...standard bullshit… ahhh, here we go, ‘With goodness to you, Gri...’. The words are too faded to read more of it, but I think this is from the ‘holy’ Lord himself. Tiny queen, what do you think about it?” Ari asked, frowning at the remains of the letter.*

“So, the messenger is dead, that’s unfortunate,” Sonidia sighed, “Now, how are we supposed to send news back and get a new message?”*

Ari smirked at the young Queen. “Why don’t you go with the Angel? It’d be a more effective message to send, and who knows, maybe you can show Shade the ‘Happiest place in all the realms’. I already have my most trusted lieutenant guarding my village, I could stay and look after yours.” The King offered, looking incredibly bored.*

“But, but, but…” Sonidia began, then said, “Fine, I’ll do it.”*

Blue also objected, “Don’t I get a say in this?”

“Hell, no. You’re technically trespassing on Queen Sonidia’s lands, which means you abide by her customs. So, not only are you morally bound, you’re legally bound. And, to top it off, you insulted Sonidia, by emotionally hurting her guest of honor. That is enough for a proper execution.” Ari stated, glaring at the Angel.*


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“There’s no need to be that harsh, Ari,” Sonidia stated, “She’s only a stranded Angel who want to learn more about the world around her.”*

“Even so, our rules are in place for a reason. I’m just merely giving the fluffball her options. Either go with you, or die. It’s pretty simple.” Ari replied, a lazy grin on his face.

“H-hey! I am not a ‘fluffball’!” Blue shouted, crossing her arms.

“Are you sure? Judging by your wings, you’re the fluffiest angel I’ve ever seen. Shame that you’ve broken so many rules around here, though.” Ari responded, yawning slightly as he looked at Sonidia, “If she tries anything along the way, execute her. The G-man will understand.”*

“First things, first,” Sonidia said, “We need to find Shade.”*

“She ran into the forest. That’s about the best you’re going to get from anyone.” Ari responded.*

Sonidia dashed into the forest, quickly making her way to Shade.*

Shade sat in a meadow, far from the village. The petals of several flowers shined with her tears, the Wraith having cried for awhile. “Everyone hates me... except Sonidia. I just….I wish I were something else…”*

A young man flew through the tree behind Shade. He was in British commoner clothing and a large knife in his hand. He dashed to the Giant in the distance, yelling, “Goddamn son of a bitch! That’s my tiger! I worked my ass off to catch that!”*

Shade quickly followed the man calling out, “Sir! Sir! Do you need help?”*

“No, no, I got this,” The man said, “Just watch and learn.” When the Giant went to punch him, it bounced off a barrier around the man, falling to the ground, “Ha! Can’t hurt me now that I know you’re there, now can ya!”*

“ you need me to tend to you? I can help you with that if you want... ” Shade offered again, her shyness getting the better of her, as she begun to notice the toned muscles the man had as well as his other assets.*

“Oh, this?” The man shrugged, “That ain’t nothing. My Demon healing should mend it up, no problem.”*

“Um...what’s your name? It’s ok if you don’t want to tell me...I mean we did just meet.” Shade asked, a bit infatuated with the man in front of her.*

“Jackson Smith,” He said, “But my friends call me Jack.”*

“Jackson… that’s a lovely name…” Shade practically swooned, never being so twitterpated in her life. “If it’s ok to ask, what are you doing in the forest?”*

“Running from British officials,” Jack said, rubbing the back of his neck, “While you may know me by my real name, they know me by the name, Jack the Ripper.”*

“Well, they must be wrong if they think you’ve done something bad… I mean you’re incredibly nice…” Shade responded, intrigued by Jack’s physical features, but more interested in what his personality was.*

“If you knew me better, you’d already be calling me an asshole,” Jack stated, before going to his tiger that he killed, “Hungry?*


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“I-I don’t really eat…” Shade murmured, embarrassed by her form’s incorporeality. She clasped her hands behind her back. “But I don’t think you’re that bad… after all, you could’ve ignored me…”*

“Except for the fact that you were there when I landed,” Jack replied, munching on the tiger’s leg meat, “Anyway, what brings a Wraith all the way to the Eldric Forest?”*

“W-well...I live here. My best friend lives in a village not far from here… that is, if you want to go there.” Shade practically whispered, not used to talking to many people.*

“Shade!” Sonidia exclaimed from the distance, “Where are you?!”*

The Wraith turned slightly, keeping an eye on the handsome man in front of her, “I’m over here!” She shouted, before giving Jack a ghostly piece of paper, “That’s..uh… if you want to contact me. But you don’t need to… but if you want.” Shade stammered out, unable to speak properly.*

“Consider I have a girlfriend waiting for me back in Britain,” Jack said, “I should get going. See you in a few days.” And at that, Jack dashed out and made his way back home.*

“Oh….okay.” Shade murmured, sighing as the last of her hopes and dreams died out. She laid on the ground and floated underneath it.*

“Shade,” Sonidia called out, “Shade, where are you?”*

“Waiting for someone to kill my body off, ‘cause my heart’s already broken.” Shade responded quietly, too emotionally hurt to do anything else.*

“You can’t just stop because some Angel got scared of you,” Sonidia said, worry about her friends mental state, “There’s too much to do with your life.”*

“That’s not it...There was a handsome man here earlier named Jackson Smith. He said that some people were chasing him, calling him Jack the Ripper or something like that…” Shade explained quietly, “I can’t describe the feeling he gave me.”*

“Jack the Ripper?” Sonidia asked, even more worried, “You mean the serial killer Jack the Ripper? The man who killed many young women and mutilated their bodies?”*

“I...I don’t know. The man I met was nice, and paid attention to me. I don’t think he would’ve hurt me…” Shade replied, coming partially out of the ground.*

“What makes you say that?” Sonidia inquired.*

“I think it was-” Shade started to say before a certain angel stumbled into Sonidia, and falling on top of her.

“Oww… this forest is so weird… Oh! Sorry, I didn’t see you there!” Blue said quickly, getting up, and offering her hand.*

“Oh, no worries,” Sonidia said, getting up by herself. “I’m not in any harm right now.”*

Shade blushed and dove underground, attempting to hide.

“What’s her problem? I didn’t even say anything mean this time…” Blue murmured, a dour look on her face.*

“She’s really shy,” Sonidia replied. “Come on Shade… she promises to be nice now.”*

Shade didn’t peek out and instead spelled underneath the dirt in front of Sonidia: No. I’m not coming up there.

“Well, this will take awhile. I‘m going to take a nap now. Wake me up when she comes out of the ground.” Blue grumbled, as a tornado flew her into right before the trees gave way to the sky.*

“Okay, Shade,” Sonidia commanded. “You have ten second before I use that technique. Ten. Nine.”*

A muffled voice replied stubbornly, “No, I don’t want to… I’d rather wait here for an eon, than go topside.”

“Better use your damn technique so we can move forward. Besides, I can’t wait to see how this plays out.” Blue replied from the sky.*

Sonidia took a deep breath. “Soul Catcher,” She stabbed the ground with her sword and pulled Shade out of the dirt and slammed her into the ground behind her. “That should keep you above ground for a good 48 hours.”*


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Shade gasped, the stab wound painful to her. “Why…?”

“Because you’re fucking stubborn. How about this: I won’t talk to you directly, I’ll just talk to Sonidia, and vise versa. After all, I know you probably hate me after this morning, so why pretend we’re friends, when we both know we’re not?” Blue yelled down to where the two were, a smile on her face.

Shade didn’t reply, opting to walk away towards the village.*

Sonidia dashed up the tree. Just as she reached Blue, she jumped into the air and kicked Blue back to earth, before landing with grace. “Be more careful what you say next time, Angel.”*

A watery vortex enveloped the queen, as Blue wiped some blood away. “And trying to fight me isn’t wise, but these things happen.” All of a sudden a loud ‘clang’ sound echoed as Blue fell to the ground unconscious. Shade looked at the frying pan she held before chucking it at Sonidia, then began throwing more things at her.*

“Hey,” Sonidia said in response to the sudden assault. “What’s the big deal. I did what I had to. We have to get that bitch you knocked out back to the Heavens… and in a timely matter.”*

Shade continued throwing objects as tears began to fall down her face, “You didn’t have to. You wanted to. I could’ve stayed in the village until you came back, you didn’t have to stab me!” Shade replied angrily.*

“But we need you for this mission… I need you…”*

The objects stopped and vanished, as if by magic. “But you didn’t have to hurt me. Why… why did you do it?” Shade said softly.*

“I don’t understand what happened,” Sonidia answered. “The technique never hurt you before. Why did it now?”*

“I… I don’t know. Maybe the angel had something to do with it?” Shade replied, moving an arm away to reveal a small cut in her abdomen.*

“Oh gods! I didn’t mean to do that! Are you okay?” Sonidia started to panic.*

“It’s… okay. I thought you had done it on purpose. Now, I don’t think you meant to, so… I forgive you.” Shade said quietly.*

Sighing, Sonidia walked over to Blue. “So… how are we supposed to help her get back when she’s unconscious?”*

Shade said nothing, trying to float with her incorporeal powers, but failed instead. Shade then stammered, “Ummm, should we drag her? That might work out in the long run...”*

“We should probably just carry her,” Sonidia replied as she picked Blue up.*

Shade didn’t respond, as she helped carry Blue.*

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The Night at the Bar: A Typical Day for Alciel

Insane Darkness as Alciel

It was a Thursday night at the Black Bottle in Seattle. Alciel and some random dudes were sitting at the bar, obviously drunk.

"You see these two pistols here? I don't go anywhere without them." Alciel kissed his gorgeous weapons. "You have no idea how many people have fallen to these babies. Of course, I do have a sniper rifle as well, but I don't bring it with me everywhere I go. It attracts too much attention."

"Woah!" "No way!" "Really?" were the responses of a few of the humans.

A girl walked into the bar. Alciel saw her first, but the others noticed her soon after. Even by human standards, she was gorgeous.

One of the humans stopped looking at her for a second, then admitted, "We are way out of her league..."

The others nodded in agreement. However, one said, "Hey Alciel! You're still young! Go flirt with her. You can do it, man!"

The others cheered him on quietly, chanting "Alciel!" over and over. Eventually, the peer pressure got to him.

"Alright, fine! Geez, guys..." Alciel strutted over to the woman. Whoops and hollers echoed behind him which were impossible to ignore. He sighed, their ridiculousness not helping him in any way.

She sat away from everyone in the bar. As Alciel walked up to her, she looked into his eyes and was stunned by his beauty. Her first thought, since he was wearing a tuxedo at a bar, was what would a gentleman like him be doing at a bar?.

"Hello miss. I just couldn't take my eyes off you when you walked in to this here bar. How is your evening going?" Alciel bowed towards her, further enhancing his gentleman charm.

"Now that I have someone to talk to, it's getting better," she responded.

"Can I buy you a drink? I expect nothing in return, of course. I just enjoy good company."

"If you wish to do that, make it vodka."

"Nice choice! Bartender, can I get a vodka for the lady? For me, I'll just take any wine you got."

"Wow, you're making me feel unladylike."

"It was never my intention, I swear. It's just that it's hard to aim a gun when you're drunk. I'm a professional hunter, by the way. I kill animals for a living. Every one that I kill I thank Mother Nature for. I'm really a softy at heart."

"Wow. So you're a tough guy on the outside, but really soft on the inside. That's cool."

"Here you go. Vodka... and wine. Kiss your wallet goodbye, Alciel," the bartender placed the drinks in front of the corresponding person.

"Well, it's filling yours up, so why should I care?" Alciel countered.

"You must come here often if he knows your name," the woman noted.

"Ah well... I usually come when I have money to spare. I had a little extra today, so I wanted to share it with a beautiful woman."

She blushed slightly at the natural comment made by the Incubus. "Well, thank you. I appreciate your kindness."

"What do you think you're doing to my woman?" A large man stood behind me.

"Just some harmless flirting, buddy. Now, since we have more to talk about, could you please leave? You're blocking the lights from reflecting her beauty into my eyes," Alciel responded, expecting the man to become angry.

Sure enough, the man drew his knife and slashed at Alciel. Alciel grabbed the man's wrist, twisted it, pulled the knife out of his hand, sheathed the blade, all while looking in the woman's direction with his eyes closed.

"Where were we?... Ah, right. I was complimenting your beauty. Just know that your personality reflects your beauty by tenfold. Truly, I am glad I met you today," Alciel said, attempting to continue the conversation and ignore the enraged man behind him.

"I challenge you to a duel, boy. And unless you apologize, you cannot deny the challenge. The winner gets the girl," the dude challenged.

"Very well then. If you want to play this game, I have no reason to deny your challenge. Let's head outside."


"This is your last chance to apologize! If you don't, you won't walk away from this," the man informed Alciel.

"Hmm, let me think about it.... NOPE!"

Each of them took their ten steps and waited until the word "Draw" was announced.


Alciel unsheathed the left pistol and fired at the man. Well, he thought he did. Pain exploded in his chest as he let out a scream. Alciel fell to the ground in pain. The last thought to pass through his head before falling unconscious was I never got to finish my wine...

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The Dark Tragedy

Insane Darkness as Alciel and Yuki

The entire room was coated in white. His eyes were too heavy. Sleep called for him again.


Moonlight covered Alciel's face. He opened his eyes, fully awake now. He tried to sit up, but his chest throbbed with pain.

He then remembered what happened that night. Ahh... Shit... I lost the girl and my wine... Oh well, I guess I'll have to take her by force.

He sat up painfully and noticed the painkillers on the side table. He slowly walked over to them and swallowed them as quickly as possible.

Then, he jumped out of the window of the hospital. Yuki, being his Swedish Medical Doctor, tried to follow him out, but didn't want to jump out of the window like an idiot. So, instead, she took the elevator.


Alciel scanned the city to search for the woman he'd lost. It seemed that she was in the Belltown Inn Apartments with her husband or boyfriend.
Once he arrived at her location, he took the back way into the building and headed up to her room. Even though it was locked, from the very little distance between them, he could pervade her mind. His instincts roared to attention as his horns grew from his head, his body understanding what he wanted to do.

Yuki followed Alciel to the inn that he sneaked into. At the end of the hallway, she saw him concentrating on something with an added head accessory. She heard mumbling from inside the room he was facing. Alciel was also smiling. Menacingly.

Turning into a puddle, she slipped under the door to see what he was doing to the people inside the room. The man was in a deep sleep and the woman was fighting back against an invisible force. Her blood was full of adrenaline, hoping to rid herself of whatever was attacking her mind. Yuki grabbed the woman's arms and attempted to slow her heart rate. By the touch, the woman was very hot. Yuki couldn't imagine what Alciel was forcing her to see and feel.

Eventually, the woman's heart rate slowed and she was sleeping peacefully again. Since it happened so suddenly, Yuki realized that she didn't do anything. Yuki couldn't stop whatever it was that Alciel was doing to her.

Yuki returned to the hallway, but Alciel was no longer there.


Alciel, satisfied with what he'd just done, walked downstairs and bought a room at the hotel.

Lying awake on the bed, Alciel replayed the scene over and over in his head. After the tenth time, he realized that what he did was definitely ungentlemanly. Even so, there was nothing he could do about it now. By letting his instincts absorb him, he became more of a Demon than he wished to be. He cursed himself constantly, regretting what he'd done. He cried himself to sleep, self-hatred clouding everything else in his mind.


Yuki, having returned to the Swedish Medical Center, logged into her computer. She had to find out what Alciel is and what he did.

She looked up Monsters to see if any matched his features. No luck.

She then looked up Angels, doubting that he'd be one, but still checking anyways. Again, no luck.

Demons. Seemed to match his description perfectly. But which one was he? Revenant... no. Succubus... no, he's not female... Wait... there's also a male version. Incubus? An evil spirit that lies on persons in their sleep; especially one that has sexual intercourse with women while they are sleeping... Eww... So he raped her in her sleep? That's disgusting. It also says that he can show the person nightmares or sexual dreams... This guy is a psychopath. Having sex with them over and over can lead to death... Oh my God... He shouldn't even be on the streets! This can't be the first time this has happened. Even so, I don't know where he went. If I see him again, I might have to kill him so he doesn't rape me...