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Feb 5, 2015
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This is the place where all RPers, with characters within D.S. post their character bios. That way things are bit more organized.

If you're new to D.S., and would like to join, use the following template for your character. (Entries that aren't using this format will still be accepted; It's more as a helpful guidelines on creating your character)



Classification: (what class that the character has taken as a part of being a Demon)

Demon Sense: (This is a sixth sense that is unique to the character, allowing them to see things that humans [and in some cases, other Demons] could not see)

Weapon: (be as creative as possible… without overdoing it)

Description of Weapon’s capabilities:

Magic: (if any)

Description of Character: (what the character looks like)

Personality: (How the character acts)

Bio: (If you want. )


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Feb 5, 2015
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Name: “Timeless Death”

Gender: Male

Classification: Soldier

Demon Sense: Destructor Wave, the ability to attempt to overpower a creature’s will. If successful, the creature disassembles itself.

Weapon: Two ebony swords, with hilts of gold.

Weapon description: A seemingly innocuous cane, it transforms in combat into a sword at the request of the owner. as the cane transforms, a second sword is removed from his armour.

Magic: Disguise, hides the user's true appearance.

Appearance: Appears as an old, wizened man with white hair,and dresses in an all black business suit/w slacks, and a pair of formal shoes. However, that facade fades when T.D. enters combat, his business attire transforming into ebony armour, and his body becomes more skeletal stopping before he is entirely skeletal. His eyes become two blood-red glowing orbs, as he stares at his opponent.

Personality: Carefree, and loyal, T.D.acts the part of a grumpy old man, until combat strikes, he becomes ruthless, and cruel, enjoying the torment he inflicts on others.


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Nov 13, 2015
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Name: Winter Johnson

Gender: Female

Classification: Magus

Demon Sense: Calculator (the ability to instantly semi-predict an action through various mental calculations [limited to her mathematical capability])

Weapon: a tan-ish brown briefcase

Description of Weapon’s capabilities: the briefcase can turn into a shotgun, sniper rifle, or a RPG on command of it’s owner

Magic: Abundant Ammunition (aka… she never reloads), Ice Magic

Description of Character: 5’6”, very dark brown long hair, kind of pale skin, regular build, cat ears, usually wears a hoodie with jeans, blue eyes

Personality: Winter is patient with other people, even the enemy. She rarely loses her temper, but it’s dangerous if she does. She is willing to help anyone who ask for it.
Name: Alciel Lucen

Gender: Male

Classification: Demon (Incubus)

Demon Sense: Ethereal Scout, (allows 360 degree sight; body remains immobile, uses an ethereal projection that cannot interact with its surroundings but can see and hear)

Weapon: Virgin’s Blood (Sniper Rifle), Double Tap (Dual Pistols), Alciel's Grenade Launcher

Description of Weapon’s capabilities: regular bullets

Magic: (if any) Soul Deterioration (Must be added to an object to effect anything aka bullets/people, requires a charge up, attached to him)

Description of Character: (what the character looks like) short, blonde hair; sharp features; 6’5”; limited armor; blue eyes; 28 years old; red skin; slight mustache, instincts kick in easily during a fight (increases Soul Deterioration effect, grows horns)

Personality: (How the character acts) smartass (for lack of a better term), caring, trustworthy, flirty (obviously), impatient (only patient with girls and relationships, but will jump at an opportunity when he sees it), slight ‘Insanity’

-- Reincarnation of the God of Sins Alciel
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Name: Yuki, “The Hydra”

Gender: Female

Classification: Monster (Water Elemental)

Monster Sense: Regenerative Revival, any remaining pieces of her will bring her back to life over time, but loses memories

Weapon: N/A

Description of Weapon’s capabilities: N/A

Magic: (if any) Controls water

Description of Character: (what the character looks like) shoulder-length black hair, light blue eyes, long black dress, black boots, black gloves, 5’, 17 years old

Personality: (How the character acts) unemotional, no mercy, obeys higher power, disloyal, unforgiving, calculating

-- Deceased (in Hell), death by Alciel Lucen
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Mar 13, 2016
(Imma just post them all in one go)

Name: Dollie Flowers
Gender: Female (Transgender)
Classification: Healer
Demon Sense: She possessed mild foresight, being able to see into the future, but only as far as the next day or two
Weapon: A light green bow with white accents, looks elegantly crafted, white glows softly when in use
Description of Weapon’s capabilities: capable of creating energy based arrows, running out only if the user has been fatigued
Magic: Healing Magic, Manipulation of shadows
Description of Character: 5’10”, reddish auburn hair, snowy white skin, lithe frame, semi pointed ears, curled Rams horns, hooves in place of regular feet, often wears red and/or flowers, green/black eyes
Personality: Hotheaded if rubbed the wrong way, but generally caring, soft spoken but will speak up if no one else does, can be very passionate about many things, likes to help anyone and everyone if it's for the greater good

Name: Nathaniel “Fire Cracker” Bianchi
Gender: Cis Male
Classification: Magus
Demon Sense: Speed Processing
Weapon: Dual Daggers, capable of being enchanted
Description of Weapon’s capabilities: They're capable of being charged with elemental Magic by the wielder, they are not only able to do elemental damage through using the daggers regularly but they also are able to spit fire at the target
Magic: Fire based magic
Description of Character: 5’, bright red hair, pointed ears and horns (hidden by cloak hood, typically charcoal black), wears orange, red and black most of the time, hazel eyes, frail but nimble build, two black spots at the corners of his mouth
Personality: Hyperactive, some trouble with paying attention at times, is much calmer and focused when one on one with someone he trusts

Name: Ophelia Roswell
Gender: Cis Female
Classification: Soldier
Demon Sense: Radar (Senses potential threats early)
Weapon: A greatsword, it appears silver with a gold hilt and a black leather grip.
Description of Weapon’s capabilities: It's able to cut through any material, shooting small shards of metal into flesh if it meets it.
Magic: Learned some necromancy before death, so she's able to raise a degree of undead to assist her
Description of Character: 5’5”, redhead, pale as snow, typically wears some form of black dress, reddish hazel eyes,
-Pre-revival: She was an outgoing girl, always chipper and in a good mood, always was ready to learn
-Post-revival: She became distant, reclusive, and overly protective of her master Mortis, still is usually in a good mood around him though, but will become aggressive for seemingly no reason.
Jul 1, 2016
Name: Ny Aza

Gender: Male

Classification: Magus

Monster Sense: “sees” storms and electricity

Weapon: Hastur (revolver)

Description of Weapon’s capabilities: A yellow revolver that fires wind-imbued bullets that go faster than the average bullet, but has a chance to misfire.

Magic: Wind Magic.

Description of Character: trench coat, slacks, shin-high boots. Pale skin, dark hair, hazel eyes.

Personality: Often optimistic, easygoing, naive.