Circo de el Diablo

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The Birth of El Diablo

January 5th, 1991, 00:01

At the crossroads by his house, Marco Martinez stands ready with his materials to summon his deal maker. He buries the box with an old ID card and a few other belongings in it, nothing he would miss. He says a few words, hoping this works.

He didn’t get just any demon, though, unbeknownst to him.

A man of considerable height appeared before Mr. Martinez, a devilish grin across that pale, pale face. He was about 7’, dressed in a black and white suit and tie and lithe of frame. “What can I do for you, Sr. Martinez?” He asks, straightening himself from his travelling between worlds.

“I have… a problem. I’m, as one may put it, a bit on the barren side. I need some help giving my wife the child she so desires.” Mr. Martinez asks of the demon. The demon widens his grin, “Does she know of your, condition?”

“N-no…” Marco stammers.

“Let me work my magic, and she doesn’t have to…” The demon assures him, giving him a pat on the shoulder. After that, Mr. Martinez knows nothing of that night, but a few weeks later, his wife gives him the news that they’re having a child, as the demon promised.

Though, the two never had specified whose child that would be.

June 6th, 1991, 06:00

There was screaming in the maternity ward of the San Antonio Medical Hospital, though it wasn’t a laboring mother who did the screaming now.

In the doctor’s arms was a pale child, screaming his lungs out for a mother who rejected them for what they were… they had sheet white skin, black as coal hair and arms, and two ivory horns atop their little head. “El Diablo!” The parents screamed upon seeing the child, repeating it consistently. One of the nurses rushed the child out so others could calm the pair, though she wasn’t heading to where she was supposed to… nor would anyone suspect her on the way out.

Lilith Rodriguez was her name, and she would care for this rejected child like a true mother would.

March 11th, 2017, 23:36

“Sí, mamá, I’m still doing alright.” L.J. Rodriguez, like every Sunday, called their mother and let her know they were doing fine. This habit was consistent since the day they moved out to Missouri and started their show of monsters and myths, like themself

“Alright, you're not skipping any meals again are you?” She asked, knowing how they were when he got focused on anything, especially things they were giving their all for.

“No, I’m not, promise.” L.J. gave a smile, chuckling at their mother’s worry, “And I’m bathing regularly too, before you ask.” They added.

“Muy bien, te amo hijo.” She said to them. “Yo también te quiero mamá.” He replied before hanging up. They relaxed in their trailer, looking up at the ceiling. Sunday was a no-show day for the circus, so they had time to kill… if they only knew how to do so.

Before they could actually think of something, they eventually fell asleep, into a dreamless sleep.
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xXedge_lordXx as James McClain and L.J. Rodriguez

Smallelvenprince as Harley McClain

July 24th, 2014

It was a hot Mississippi afternoon, cicadas buzzing, and the shade of the forest being the only comfort to the twins under their sanctuary. The twins were running off from home, their father always having shown them around for pity, and putting any money strangers gave him in his own pocket for booze. One would be able to see the bruises if he’d let them wear anything that wasn’t entirely covering. Luckily, the only luck they’d had, they showed their powers off in the night under the cover of the moon, getting just enough money so they could get supplies for when they up and ran, leaving their old man in the dust. Now, they were going to earn more money on their own terms, hopefully with some who were nicer than their father.

“We’ve been walkin’ for days, when are we gonna even know we’re close?” Harley whined, wiping the sweat from her forehead. She ran her hand over the Glasgow Grin their father had given the both of them after a rather bad night, remembering why they were doing this.

“I can feel it, Amisville is gonna be somewhere this way.” James was panting slightly from the heat, a triumphant grin on his face. Though, that was before his head was light, and his vision blurry as his side of the body brought them both tumbling down.

“James? James!!” Harley screeched, worried over her brother. She tried shaking him awake once more, but it was no use. She started crying, now feeling light headed herself. They shouldn’t have gone this long without stopping somewhere, she thought in the brief moment before a towering figure was above them.

“You’ve suffered a terrible fate, haven’t you?”

March 16th, 2017

James was laughing and joking with the rest of the cast of characters of Circo de el Diablo, retelling dirty jokes he’d come up with the night before in their trailer.

Some of them even gave the modest girl Harley a giggle, her head leaning against her brother’s.

They’d found home all that time ago, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.
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A New Pack

xXedge_lordXx as L.J. Rodriguez

Smallelvenprince as Diana Lycan

“We just can’t hunt with you!” Her father said for the millionth time, it wasn’t her fault the moon had seemingly cursed her with a silvery white coat that got her into trouble.

“Vilkas, please…!” Her mother pleaded with him, pushing him back from their child. He was about to swat a claw at his own daughter had his mate not intervened. He huffed, snarling in anger. “If you aren’t gone by sunrise, your pelt will be hung like the prey you are, Diana.”

Diana had been crying at his yelling, but this was the moment she froze in fear and turned tail.

A few months later…

She laid on the ground, badly wounded from a hunter. Her coat had gotten her into trouble yet again… this time might be the last time though, and she thought all hope was lost. The hunter approached her, a terrible smirk on his face. “Well well, looks like I got me a real nice catch… you’ll look good on my wall.” He said, kneeling beside her.

She tried to snap at him in her wolfish form, but she’d lost her strength from trying to run. He simply scoffed, throwing her over his shoulder as he let her bleed. She closed her bright red eyes, the light starting to fade from them,

She heard footsteps, ones other than the hunter’s, which made her perk up just a little to see who it was. She whined when she saw the seven foot figure, unable to make out details as her vision blurred, but they had a longsword in hand.

The hunter turned to face the other figure, “What in the name of-” was all he got out before being skewered, falling to the ground and bleeding out quickly.

Diana whimpered in fear, would this person do the same to her?

Her question was answered as they put a hand on her hind leg, which was nearly cut through. It began to heal itself, the pain fading as her vision came back to her. They weren’t human, much like herself. She still have another small whine, them shooshing her quietly and calmly.

“You’re alright, little wolf.” They sounded male, then sitting next to her once her leg was healed. “I’m L.J. Rodriguez, and I use they and them. Who are you?” They introduced and asked.

Diana returned to her more human form, her ears and tail still covered in some spattered blood, “I’m Diana Lycan, I use she and her… why did you save me?” She inquired, still wary of anything and anyone she came into contact with.

“You and I, darling, are quite alike. I take it by the lack of a pack you were exiled, correct?”

“I-I was…”

“I was also disowned, but I at least had someone to take care of me… I’m here to offer that to you.” They said, offering a large, charcoal hand to her.

She hesitated, but took it, standing with them. She was only 5’6”, only coming up to their chest.

They grinned at her, leading her into what would be the start of a new life for her.
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Little Kitty

ExoGrim as Silcia

xXedge_lordXx as L.J.

Silcia traveled from table to table at great speed and surprising balance. The roller skates were something to get used to, but her cat genes allowed her to pull it off. She still questioned the maid outfits though. After the first round of tables, Silcia hide into the back room and allowed her tail to stretch. The one big problem she had with fitting in was having to hide the thing every time she was on the job… or in public in general.

Out the window, she saw someone in all black and in a hood, hiding their face. As soon as they were there, they were gone, though, almost like a daydream.

Silcia noticed the figure, but paid no mind to it after it disappeared. She did another round of tables before heading back to stretch again.

This time the figure was in the room, black and white eyes peering from under the hood. “Hello, kitten, what’s someone like you doing in a place like this?”

“Gotta make a living somehow.” The kitty replied, “I’m surprised the owner even hired me.”

“Well, what if I told you, you could be making more? Not only that, but doing something that would be much more exciting?” The figure stood from the box they were sitting on, standing at 7’. They slowly approached her, face a little more visible now as their pale white skin seemed to almost glow in the darkness of the room.

A smirk touched Silcia’s face. “Oh really? What did you have in mind?”

“Tell me your talents, I’ll tell you what you can play.”

A wolf approached from duo. Silcia turned to the hungered wolf. Her eyes glowed for a second and then the wolf’s eyes glowed as well. The wolf slowly back off and left the building. “I guess you could call me a beast tamer.”

A bit of light glinted off razor teeth in their grin, “My my, that’s quite a talent. Now, what’s your name, kitten?” They asked, leaning down to meet her eyes.

“Silcia of the Madin family.” The kitten replied with a grin. “And what’s yours pumpkin?”

“L.J. Rodriguez, and you Miss Madin, have just qualified for beast tamer of my show.” They grinned wider, then offering her a map. “There’s how to find us, whenever you’re ready we’ll have a trailer for you. Capiche?”

“Capiche.” Silcia stated. “Now would be a good time to bring back an old outfit I loved…”

They stood straight once more, “That sounds good, shows are Monday through Saturday, but not everyone performs every day. Offering a flexible schedule is key in keeping people around, after all, among other offered benefits.”

“Works for me.” Silcia took the map offered to her. “See you tomorrow then.”

“See you then.” They gave a final wave, disappearing into the wind.
A Meal To Die For

xXedge_lordXx as James McClain
Smallelvenprince as Harley McClain

TW: Graphic Gore Descriptions, Child Death Mentions

The Amisville jail house was an unsavory place, but it would do for certain things in life.

The twins McClain were in the bushes, it was roughly midnight or so when they spotted someone they hadn’t expected. A front page case, the guy was a serial murderer of 13 kids, and the McClain twins would love to have seen him die on death row, but the sentencing was not so harsh.

The man had escaped in the night, probably with some help of some sort. The pair could see him approaching the woodline.

“When should we seize him?” Harley’s thoughts were able to be heard by James, making for good, silent contact.

“Soon, we need him a bit deeper in the woods first.” He replied, both their eyes on the prisoner.

They followed the prisoner as he approached the circus borders. They couldn’t have that, now could they? They were far enough in now, purposely throwing a stick as a distraction to get him to stop walking. That’s when they got a flaming arrow right through his head, courtesy of James’s fire power.

The pair grinned under the cover of night, dragging their prey back to their trailer. The thing about a fire arrow is it cauterizes the wound and prevents too much blood loss, hiding the trail. They set the body on the butchering table that they had in there, James grabbing a cleaver as Harley nestled her head against his.

She held the parts still as James cut them up, the tearing of flesh from bone and cartilage being heard if someone were to put an ear to the door. Despite being dead, though, blood flowed from the body as they cut it up. The iron smell was like a savory meal to the pair’s senses.

Harley giggled a little, “Do you think anyone will miss him after what he’s done?” She asked, lightly nuzzling James’s face.

“I definitely don’t think anyone would want to.” James responded, a certain chill to his tone.

Once the corpse was entirely cut into pieces, assorted by where on the body, a bit like when a butcher sorts meat from a pig, they got rid of any bad pieces and pieces they knew they wouldn’t eat. They separated bone and cartilage from the meat, saving the bones and tossing the cartilage with the bad meat. They saved the bones for various things, like creating jewelry to sell and passing it off as pig bones, or perhaps a curious witch who they told the truth to as they swore them to secrecy.

They sang softly as they worked, putting the meat that they kept in their deep freezer and then taking the bad meats outside quietly, burying it in their usual spot. They then went back to their trailer and cleaned up themselves and the table, siphoning the blood in the plastic lined box into a few of several empty wine bottles they had. Their own sangria, they called it. They put their masks in the laundry to wash, James pouring a glass of a previous kill’s blood into a wine glass for each of them.

The pair sat on their couch, Harley contently purring as James used his hand to pet her hair, occasionally breaking to sip from his glass.

“Sleep, darling, we hunt again in a few days.”

Frostlich1228 (Alt)

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Frostlich1228 & Edgelord “A Siren Called.”

Cadenza stood smiling as her cue came, ready to be bathed in the attention of the crowd. She checked the straps on her dress, then thoroughly looked through her trunk for her various hypnotic props and tools. Everything she needed was there, from pendulums, and coins, to flutes and mics; and once she was sure she was all set she closed it. It was just another day for her here at the Circus as the curtains pulled away.

Cadenza’s story at the circus started almost five years ago, before it all, she was wandering the country on her motorcycle, seeing the sights, going to parties, and finding men to seduce and revitalize herself. She learned many things along the way from people she met, like how to play the guitar and other instruments. As well as that, she had taken a fascination with hypnosis, mostly due to her siren origins, exploring the ways a mind could be opened to her words.

The life of a Siren is a solitary one, you are left to fend for yourself by your mother at a young age and you either learn how to take advantage of your powers or you wither away. Cadenza’s parent however, was a runaway from a small rock off the coast of Greece, forced away by the monster fearing population and a newfound mining effort on their home. Once she reached America, she had a child with a promising young man, this was her new home, and raising a new child here seemed fitting.

Thus, Cadence was thrust out into the world. Siren’s don’t usually form bonds with humans, they just take the energy they need and in return they give their donor a good time. They only form bonds with each other, making small groups of three or four at most. These small clique’s tend to do better than individuals, however, Sirens were a dying breed, with few left in the world, and even those were scattered about.

Cadenza didn’t find a place until a spur of the moment trip to Mississippi. After finding a particularly energetic and lively guy, she had spent a few nights with him, when he was tapped, she normally would’ve left. However, he had stopped her, he told her that there was a party going on in the next state over, he had many other male friends and she was to be the only woman at the party. It was too good to be true, of course, but she was hungry, she hadn’t had a meal like that in years; so she agreed.

Once she got there, she discovered the true intentions of the man, an undercover monster hunter, had brought her to the hideout of his small group. Having prepared themselves for mental attacks, Cadenza could do little other than try and work her silver tongue, but even she knew that was only going to stall them. Suddenly, a loud crash came from the back of the house they were operating from, causing a few to turn their focus away from her. Cadenza quickly used this opportunity to slam her spear through two of her attackers, flying forwards and using them as a battering ram to knock the others away. She expected more goons when she made it outside, however, what she found was different. L.J Rodriguez. They were expecting a Siren, but an Incubus was something they had not accounted for, and it clearly cost them. What he had done with the guards outside, Cadence never asked, but they were out of the picture, that was all that mattered.

She only had one question for the man, not ‘who are you’, but instead, “You’re helping me?”

“That I am, milady.” The Incubus grinned. He started walking, gesturing her to follow him.

Silently accepting, she followed, asking. “What about the other hunters?”

He chuckled darkly, almost evilly, “Are you so sure you want to know about them?” They asked, hands folding behind their back. They seemed to be heading somewhere, but it was unknown where.

Squinting her eyes at him, and wary of another trap, she asked. “Where are you taking me, hon?”

“Somewhere you’ll be surrounded by others like the two of us. There are only a few of us now, but I’m hoping to gather more of us.” He explained, his expression becoming a bit softer now. There was something sounding like celebration and laughter nearby now.

“I haven’t run into another person like me for years, but you’ve gathered them together? Why? Are you building some kind of army?” Cadenza asked incredulously.

“Not an army, no.” L.J. replied, the sounds becoming ever louder the more they walked. The pair came to a line of bushes, and the light of a bonfire could be seen. L.J. pulled back the bushes, showing a werewolf and a pair of conjoined twin demons sitting by the fire at that moment, others wandering about the grounds. “A show.”

Smirking, the Siren looked around at all of them. “Where do I sign up, dearie?”

“Simply say you’re in, and you get a trailer and an act, and of course I need your name as well.” L.J. said, “Be it a real or stage name, we all have both here but you need only share one so we know what to call you.”

Putting a finger on her lip seductively, she responded with a devilish tone. “A stage name…? How about… Mistress Cadenza. And I think I have just the idea for an act.”


Mistress Cadenza stepped out into the spotlight, all eyes on her sparkling sequin dress as she spoke into the microphone. “Welcome one and all to your Mistress Cadenza’s fabulous hypno show! Be ready to witness enchantment and entrancement the likes of which you have never before seen! Now… Who would like to be my first lovely volunteer?”

Frostlich1228 (Alt)

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Frostlich1228 & Edgelord “Silver Heir”

L.J. was napping with his back to his trailer door, seeming to not be waking any time soon from his late night last night.Suddenly he felt a sharp tapping on the side of his neck, they were thin nails belonging to the circus’ resident siren. “L.J? C’mon, wake up dear.” *

L.J. woke with quite a start, summoning his longsword and almost decapitating Cadenza with it before realizing it was just her. They’d now been in a cold sweat, utter fear in their eyes like a mouse pinned by a snake.

Backing up, the Siren held up her hands in defence, “Whoa! Hey, calm down! Don’t tell me you’re high or something.”

L.J. put the sword down, “I-I’m sorry, I’m not high but…” He paused, “Call it a bad experience.”

“Must’ve been pretty bad if you’re still suffering from PTSD... “ Sitting down next to him, Cadence offered a sympathetic look, “Want to talk about it?”

“... Not exactly, if you don’t mind.” They replied, still shaking from the initial panic response.

“Is it anything like what you saved me from?” She asked, pulling her legs up and crossing them.

“I… was a living trophy, to put it briefly.” He said, averting her gaze.


Stepping into the small diner, a little girl with silver hair looked around in all directions. Quickly picking a tall, cloaked man out of the many customers of the small family establishment, little little girl did up her hair and approached the man with a friendly smile. Looking up at the tall mal, she tugged his sleeve, “Um… Excuse me mister.”

The man looked over curiously, usually children hated having to approach him for whatever reason. He turned in the child’s direction, leaning down, “What can I do for you, young lady?”

“These men were talking to mommy and daddy. They told me to wait here, but they haven’t come back… I’m all alone and really scared…” She replied woefully.

The cloaked man thought for a moment, nodding in understanding, “Show me the way, I may be able to help.”

“They didn’t tell me here, but I…” She suddenly began to whisper, “I saw the men take them behind the building… But I heard a car so I got scared.”

He nodded once more, “Stay here, little one, I’ll go look for you alright?” He said, then going to see what was behind the building.

Following him out, however, the little girl quickly said, “Wait, you’re not taking me with you?”

“You can come if you want, I suppose.” He seemed to give in quickly, despite children’s aversion to them, they always had a soft spot for them.*

As they came around the side of the building, L.J was met with the sight of a white van. There was no one inside, however, the Incubus could see an arm hanging limp out of a partially open door in the back. *

L.J. went to investigate, sensing something off about this situation but unsure of what it was.As he reached the back door, he could hear a slight knock inside the van, clearly something was moving inside. He opened it up, looking inside.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp stinging pain in his neck as the door swung open and a large man drove a syringe in his neck. The liquid in the needle quickly filled his veins, causing a searing burning pain to flow through his body.*

He gave a glare at the child before passing out from it, hood being knocked off as he fell to reveal his horns and sheet white skin. L.J could hear his attackers talking in the blackness, being just aware enough to understand them.

“Why did he offer to leave the child in the diner?” A female voice spoke.

“Probably to leave the child for later, then seduce the parents. It’s typical of a demon like this.” A gruffer man spoke.

“Good job honey.” The man said again, “You played that perfectly, you’ll make an excellent hunter one day.”

After blacking out fully, L.J woke on what appeared to be a stretcher, passing cells with plexiglass windows, almost like exhibits. Some, though not many, were filled with monsters of various kinds, some chained and locked down further, others in dreamlike states, barely conscious. Suddenly, the little girl from before walked up beside him as he was rolled, looking him in the eye.

“You’re awake? Daddy he’s awake.” She spoke ahead.

“That’s fine,” A familiar gruff voice spoke, “Even if he’s aware he won’t be able to move.”

A more primal instinct came to the Incubus’s head, rather than speak they growled and tried to bite at their bindings, though that was in vain. They thrashed rather violently after, claws attempting to dig into the bindings to get free.

Moving back, the little girl looked over to her father. “Daddy, he’s growling. Didn’t you say this one was smart?”

The man scoffed, “He’s out of options, they may be intelligent, but they all devolve into beasts when they know they’ve lost.”

After a minute or two, L.J. realized what he was doing, shutting his eyes and taking a deep breath. He kept them closed as he began to think, becoming almost deathly still.*

“Where are we taking him daddy?” The girl asked.

“To the execution room.” He said simply, causing the girl to return her gaze to L.J.

He thought perhaps communicating with the girl would help his chances of survival. So, he tested his practiced ability of telepathy. “Hey, kid, can you hear me?”

“Oh! You’re talking to me. How fascinating.” She thought, her face growing a little excited.*

“Alright, communication established… what would it take for me to stay alive through this rather than become one of the dead? You’ll get whatever you wanna outta me.” His attempts at negotiation were rather straight to the point, but he figured that there was no use in stalling.*

“Well… If you cooperate with us and tell us if you have friends we can track down, Daddy says you can be my new pet. We just finished this nice zoo, so you can stay there.” She stated, her excitement clearly building.*

“You got yourself a deal kiddo.” L.J. gave a soft sigh of relief, a genuine, soft smile creeping over his face.

“I’m supposed to let my dad know if you start talking to me like this, but I’m a big girl, I’m seven, I can handle a demon.” She thought, mostly to herself. “So, where are your friend’s Mr. Horn?”*

“Please, call me L.J., and they’re mostly in San Antonio, Texas. I only just moved here about a month ago.” L.J. explained, though the only part he lied about was having any friends to begin with… which he was always convincing about that one lie if any. *

“So your hideout is there huh? That’s a bit of a trip…” She sized him up, trying to tell if he was lying. Satisfied, she gave him a smile.

He peeked open the eye closer to her, smiling a little more in return.

“You’re not so bad Mr. L.J, Daddy says demons are liars, but you told me the truth.” She said, patting him on the head.*

“You ain’t too bad either, kid.”
He replied, seeming to relax a bit.*

Turning to her father, she said. “Daddy, he was mind talking to me, and he said he wanted to help us. He said he had friends in Texas.”

Turning to face her, her father shook his head disapprovingly, “I know you just finished your mental conditioning, but I thought I told you to tell me if he starts talking to you like that.”

“I know dad… But I got him to talk!” She stamped her foot a lightly.

“That you did honey… And you’re sure he’s not lying?” He asked incredulously.

“I’m sure!” She affirmed.

“Then would you please take him to a cell and roll him in?” He asked, “Since you’re such a big girl you can handle his mental tricks, then I’m sure you can roll him into a cage.”

She nodded quickly, taking hold of the bars and rolling him into a open cell as her father walked off.*

L.J. looked around his surroundings, getting a little acquainted with what he’ll be surrounded by for a while. Suddenly the little girl asked, “Is it everything you like?”*

He just gave a nod, shifting in his bindings a bit.

Closing the cell, the girl looked back over to L.J, “What do you eat? People right? I can’t get you a people treat, good pets don’t eat people.”

L.J. gave a chuckle, “I personally don’t eat people, never have. You don’t have to worry about that one.” He explained, being fully truthful this time. “I eat regular food like humans do.”*

“Oh… Daddy said demons like you eat souls. You take our minds and use us for your own twisted games.” She said as if reading out of a book.*

L.J. seemed utterly confused, then shrugged. “I honestly have no idea who made that up, but you’re safe from me eating any souls, kid.”

“Good.” She said as she walked off, leaving L.J to his own.

Frostlich1228 (Alt)

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"Silver Heir" Part 2

After a few weeks, the little girl’s father and a small group of other hunters leave to act on the Incubus’ claim. However, once they arrived at the location, they found nothing. The father quickly sent word back to the base, however, the news reached some unexpected ears in the form of his daughter.

The silver haired girl marched over to L.J’s cell, she saw that he was currently awake and shouted to get his attention. “Hey! You… You lied to me! You said they were there!”*

“Hey, it was the last place I knew of them being.” He shrugged, going up to her.

“No! I don’t believe you anymore!” Despite being told not to, the little girl open the cell, stepping inside. “I-I trusted you! I was kind to you!”*

He listened for a moment, then quickly slid past her and pressed a nearby button to open all the cells, causing havoc to cover his own escape. Realizing what had just happened, hunters stormed the halls, being forced to put many of the escaped monsters down as the little girl stood there in shock. Suddenly, her eyes sharpened to a point as she looked down the hallway L.J. had ran through, screaming at the top of her lungs. “My name is Lucretzia Hellsing of the Hellsing family! I WILL FIND YOU, do you hear me!? I WILL!”


Pacing back and forth, Lucretzia’s father looked down at her as she stood, embarrassed. She spoke up, “Father I-”

But she was interrupted. “No. Don’t talk, listen. If you’re going to run this family one day, you will learn to live with your mistakes. Instead of pouting, I want to you look back on this moment when you see those monsters as anymore more than a plague on all mankind. Think back on this moment, realize that they will lie, manipulate, and kill to get their way. Four of our hunters died in that chaos… You think of them and let them drive you to find the one responsible.”

“Do. You. Understand?” He finished, putting a heavy emphasis on each word.

“Yes Father. I do.”


As L.J finished his story, Cadenza just nodded. “Those ‘hunters’ will never understand us, will they?”*

L.J. shook his head, shaking like a leaf as he finished his story and bit his lip.*

“I’ve never seen you so shooken up…” She said somberly. “Well, I’m here if you want to take your mind off of things.”*
Three’s Company

xXedge_lordXx as L.J. Rodriguez

Smallelvenprince as Diana Lycan

Frostlich1228 as Cadenza Vialli

“L.J!” A sultry voiced screamed out, echoing through the circus, “Where are you!? We need to talk right now!”

L.J. stumbled from their trailer, seeming to be nursing a hangover. “Shhh… quiet please…” he slightly hissed, then landed face up in the dirt.

Cadenza put a hand on her hip, “Are you seriously drunk? I know yesterday was a holiday, but we’re back on the clock. If you don’t get yourself together, I’ll just have to use you for my act.”

“I’m not drunk, I’m hungover…” L.J. looked up with a grey tint to his eyes, sitting up as he rubbed his head. “Whatcha need, mamacita?”

“We have a show in just a few hours dear.” Cadence stated, “I could always sing your hangover away, if you want.”

“I’m good, I’ll be fine in less time than when the show is…” He sat on the steps of his trailer, popping some joints. “Besides, I don’t remember the last time you sang to me.”

“No one does, not unless I want them to. For all you know, you could be my secret plaything.” She leaned forward, her blue hair falling in front of her large chest.

They slightly shuddered at the thought. They then went back inside their trailer, washing their face to wake them up a bit more.

Following them inside, she took a look around the cluttered room, sighing. “How do you even live in here? How does one find anything in all of this?”

“Easy, good memory.” L.J. replied, putting on his usual white, button down shirt.

A small whine and groan came from under the blankets on the other side of the one room trailer, someone clearly being underneath as a little white tail poked out from the sheets.

Cadenza’s eyes widened, turning her gaze over to L.J. and glaring him down. “So was this a drunk night of regret or a successful night of suggestion?”

“Puppy get’s frisky when there’s whiskey.” L.J. smirked, “And there was a lot of whiskey, though I was the one who was mostly black out drunk.”

“So how tall was the stool she had to stand on to do that?” Cadence tilted her head.

“No stool involved.” L.J. answered.

Diana sat up, blankets covering her for the most part aside from her face. Her own bloodshot eyes met the sight of the other two in the trailer. “What up?”

Cadenza stared daggers at L.J, “So, is this just a one night stand or is this an actual thing now?”

“Depends, what do you make of it Diana?” L.J. turned to Diana, a little hope in his eyes.

“Well…” Their wolfy companion started. “If you do want this to be a thing, I’m polyamorous, are you willing to accept that?”

L.J. seemed to internally explode, giving just a small squeak and a grin, “Fuckin’ same.” He said, then pouncing on her for a hug.

“Well… Congratulations… I guess.” Cadenza rubbed her arm slowly, “Fine. I guess if you’re all ready I can just go.”

“Nooooooo!” Diana whined, gesturing for the siren to join the cuddle puddle. She looked to the other with puppy eyes, who could say no to that?

“C’mon, look at that face.” L.J. looked to Cadenza as well, both of them extending arms to her.

Smirking slightly, Cadenza reached forward and pulled the both of them in, lifting them into the air a foot off the ground with a flap of her wings. “Oh… I love this place.”

The both of them gave her nuzzles, pulling her into bed and just… a cuddle puddle. This is happening. Pulling away from the veritable pile of cuddles, Cadence straightened her dress out. “Well, my show’s in thirty minutes, can’t exactly keep my drooling audience waiting for me.”

“Alright, alright.” L.J. said, both him and Diana letting out some playful giggles.

“We should probably get ready too.” Diana pointed out, getting up and seeming to be completely unaware she was in just her bra and panties. She looked around for a moment, looking for her dress and not finding it.

Noticing this, L.J. then remembered how things started… outside. “I’ll check outside.” He said before getting up and doing just that.

“You two really had a night, didn’t you?” Cadenza smirked, “Where’d your dress wind up? In a tree?”

Diana thought for a moment. “You know what? It may have.”

“Have you ever considered that you might be a little too acrobatic?” The siren asked.

“Never~” The werewolf replied.

“Of course not.” She responded, giving the small werewolf a wave as she left.
The Twins’ Doll part 1

xXedge_lordXx as James McClain and Alistair Evans
Smallelvenprince as Harley McClain
Frostlich1228 as Peacock

Faerie Circles, always a sign of something buried beneath the earth. Though, the Faeries around the circus had a bargain with the twins McClain. If it was disposing of things from their hunt, the pair would mark it themselves as to not be given away. In exchange, they make small jewelry out of the bones they had left over from their main projects. This delivery, was one they wouldn’t forget.

The pair were on their way to the usual Faerie Circle they delivered to, when they heard some gossip about how another sprouted up nearby.

“There were so many mushrooms, and they were so pretty!” One of them said, piquing the twins’ interest.

“If we were to bring you all the mushrooms, would we have your blessing to dug up what’s there?” Harley inquired, tilting her head slightly. The Faeries looked at one another for a moment, then one giving a nod.

“I’ll show you where it is.” One of the others said, flitting up and leading the twins to the ring.

It was in a clearing, a small one but enough to have a circle in the middle of it. The twins marked the location on their map they always had, then went back to get a shovel from their trailer.

When they came back, they dug for a good half hour after carefully harvesting the mushrooms from the circle. Whatever it was was apparently buried six feet under, and when they hit something solid, they found it was a wooden box.

“Well, well, well, look at that, babe… This keeps getting better and better, deeper and deeper.” A bombastic voice spoke out of nowhere, scaring some nearby birds. When the twins turned. They saw a man in a three-piece suit, kneeling on a treebranch a few feet away, watching them carefully. His most standout feature was a bright red, almost pompadour haircut, but extending up instead of straight ahead, which bobbed in the wind. His skin was a dull grey, which contrasted with the loud colors he was wearing.

“Uh… Why you just staring at me, kiddo? C’mon… open it!” He spoke impatiently, biting his lip.

“Oh, shut it. We’re taking it home first.” James retorted, him and Harley dragging the box from the dirt.

“Why follow us anyway, Peacock?” Harley said softly, eyes focused on the coffin sized container rather than the man behind the two of them.

“I’m just interested in what my pals are up to, can’t a guy just pop in and eavesdrop on a friend anymore?” He responded with a light inflection, clearly pointing out he wasn’t really hurt.

“First we have to deliver the mushrooms on the way back, J.” Harley pointed out, the bag around their waist. James nodded in agreement, tying some rope they brought around the box to make it easier to carry around as they went back to their little friends.

“Puh, fairies. They’ll never actually start asking us to get them anything useful will they?” Peacock said mostly to himself as he hopped down.

The twins largely ignored Peacock on the way back, delivering the special mushrooms to the Faeries and then going to their trailer. “Stay here.” James said sternly to the vampire, the twins quickly heading inside before anyone near could get a look in their trailer. According to rumour, the only one allowed in other than the twins is L.J., so no one else knew what it was like inside. The pair came out a little bit after they went in, saying something about gold lacquer to fix something before scampering off, the door oddly unlocked.

“Uh oh… What could someone be doing in your house…?” He asked with a hand covering his mouth. “Surprise booty call? Is it that friend of yours? Uh… T.J?”

He didn’t get an answer, the twins long gone. The door was slightly ajar, dim lighting illuminating the inside a bit eerily. Shrugging, Peacock popped his collar and stepped inside, preparing himself for what he might find.

He found a set of cleavers in the kitchen, all professional grade, as well as the table their “prey” was cut up on the night before. There were some remnants of blood in the box the table was in, it being able to contain any that spilled down from the edges. There were a few bloody prints here and there, namely on the fridge and deep freezer they had in their trailer. The furniture, other than that just described, was nigh spotless however. There was a “wine” bottle on the coffee table, cork not plugging it. The smell of it was awfully familiar to Peacock.

“Wow… This place… Is really tidy. I wish I could keep my house this neat.” He remarked casually, taking a swig of the bottle. “Hmm, good quality. With stuff like this out, it makes me think they were expecting some sort of Vampire honey to pop on by.”

The box they’d found appeared to have been opened in the other room, the lid to it being set aside in view of where Peacock was.

“Alright baby, so this is a thing right now.” He said, revealing a black sheath on his side as he investigated. “Couldn’t be a normal box in the woods, could it? Couldn’t have been just an embarrassing photo of someone at a christmas party, could it?”
The Twins' Doll, Part 2

Inside the box was a 6’ doll, it looked awfully human. It appeared male, dressed in an outfit that you would guess was from about 200 years prior. He had various broken bits on him, likely why the twins went to get lacquer, and dirty blond hair. A soft glow was emanating from the chest, likely a dormant soul stone of a sort.

His eyes widening at the stone in the box, he reached in. “I’m going to touch it. Gotta live life on the edge, keep things fresh and dangerous.”

Before he could, the doll began to move, a somewhat echoed voice groaning from what sounded like being woken up. Like when someone rudely awakens you in the morning on a weekend, kind of groan. He opened his emerald eyes just a little, shaking his head.

“Hey there, welcome to the world, babe.” He smiled, waving down at the doll.

About then, the twins came back with the lacquer to fix the broken parts of the doll, and heard Peacock talking to him. The pair were about to yell, when they noticed the doll’s eyes had opened and that he was slightly moving.

Setting the lacquer down, Harley softly spoke, “Do you feel alright? Do any of your cracks and missing pieces hurt?” She sounded rather concerned, James simply glaring at Peacock.

“It’s a bit… hard to move, love.” He replied, the pair then helping him sit on the bed as they got to work repairing him with lacquer and pieces in hand.

“So, you two knew you were digging up a little man?” The Vampire asked, watching the pair work.

“We didn’t have a clue, we just knew something was buried there and wanted to know what it was.” James explained, seeming to be more focused on the fact someone other than their boss was in their trailer rather than fixing up the one they found. Luckily, Harley was much more attentive, adjusting both their hands as necessary to piece their guest back together more efficiently and neatly. They’d started on the face, as the right side seemed rather in bad shape. They seemed to be working from the top down, piecing together some small parts of the neck next.

“So what, are you two going to adopt this guy or something?” Peacock asked, “How much money do you even make working at that circus?”

“We make more than we used to before we ran off, that’s for damn sure.” James said rather bitterly, Harley then saying to her twin “Those days are behind us, it’s okay.”

“Circus? Is that where we are, love?” The doll asked, seeming to just be talking to Harley out of the three of those who weren’t made of porcelain.

Harley gave a nod, “We work and live here, and I’m sure our ringleader would wanna meet you, if you’re alright with that.” She said, smiling under her mask.

“Careful though, he can be a bit intimidating. If you’re nervous, just imagine him in his underwear, it always helped me.” Peacock snickered.

“I’m sure I’ll be fine without imaginin’ the man in his knickers.” The doll said, Harley then asking “What’s your name, anyway? I-if you don’t mind me asking that is.”

“Is no problem, love, name’s Alistair Evans.” He replied, giving her a sweet smile.

“And you can just call me Peacock, but don’t get used to it, I’m not really one for sticking around.” He explained, shrugging.

The soft blue glow from the hole in Alistair’s chest turned red, looking up at the vampire, “Excuse me?” He asked, a seeming rage on his face.

“Yeees? It’s good to meet you, I’m Peacock.” He reiterated.

“You don’t bloody remember me, do ya?” Alistair was quiet in his voice, but the tone was full of anger about to explode from him as the glow got brighter.

“No not at all, babe.” He stated simply, “Do I owe you money? A-Are you a tax collector?! Just my luck you try to help a guy… At least you’re committed to the job.”

“No, you bloody fuckin’ fool! You’re the reason I’m even on this fuckin’ earth in the first place, the reason I was bloody IN it!!” Alistair raised his voice, trying to get up but Harley set him back down, mostly due to his broken leg she’d yet to repair.

“Relax, just for now, you can fight him later just let us fix you first…” She cooed, it seemed to soothe his rage, if only a little bit.

“Fine… fine…” The doll held his head in his hands, trying to calm down.

“He can fight me later sure, but if he’s going to do that then all your repairs are going to go to waste.” He explained, turning to look at the doll, “And I really don’t think I’m why you’re here. The last time I checked I uh… Didn’t swing that way.”

“Not for that kind of reason,” Alistair started, “but you are most definitely the one who put me in the bloody ground six feet under.”

“Friend, I have no idea what you’re talking about. You’ve got the wrong vampire, baby.” He countered once more.

Alistair didn’t even wanna look at the vampire anymore, taking a look downward instead he simply became silent, gripping the sheets of the twins’ bed.

“Peacock, maybe you just don’t remember because, let’s face it, two hundred years is plenty of time to forget something happened. He remembers like it was yesterday, because to him, that’s exactly what it feels like.” Harley said, then finishing up repairs all together. “It’s best to let that lacquer sit for at least an hour, so if you need anything just ask.” She told Alistair, patting his head gently.

“Yeah, the thing is. I think I would remember turning someone into a doll.” He leveled his eyebrows, “Have you maybe considered that he’s just crazy? He’s been asleep for… What did you say, two hundred years? He might not exactly be all there.”

“While age can take a toll on the mind, he’s not organic, or not anymore if he ever was. It’s likely either one, someone happened to have the same name as you and looked a bit like you, or two, you don’t remember--” Harley was cut off when Alistair began to speak once more.

“He wasn’t the one who turned me into a doll, I had specific instructions for when my original body went down in flames, oddly that was literal for me, and he was the only one I trusted with the bloody shell that this stone would inhabit and control. Then… oh, fuckin’ forget it, you’ll never bloody admit to anythin’ ya did, will you?” He glared at Peacock, then looked to Harley with sad eyes, “I ain’t crazy, love, I assure you that much.”

“Okay, you clearly won’t accept that you’ve got the wrong guy. I have no idea what you’re going on about, literally zero, I came here to deliver something to a friend. Well… Two.” The flamboyant vampire crossed his arms.

The twins tilted their heads, “What is it?” James asked after being quiet for so long.

Facing the twins, he reached into his pocket and pulling out a small blood charm, decorations carved all around it. “I’ve got a feeling something coming your way. Now, I dunno what, but I got a sense for these things, babe. If you ever need ya boy Peacock and his crew, just pop the cap on this and we’ll be able to smell it from a mile away. We’ll be here when you need us.”

James took it, pocketing it with a nod. Though, Harley was still concerned with the repairs they did for Alistair, pulling their shared body back in his direction.

“Do you think the repairs are setting alright?” She asked Alistair, garnering a nod from him.

“Then it’s time for this Peacock to fly.” He said, giving them a wave and opening the door, “Oh also, if your friend there ever finds out what the heck is wrong with him, lemmie know, kapiche?”

Alistair mumbled with a glare in the vampire’s direction, Harley looking sympathetically at him.

“Do you think Peacock really could have done that?” Harley inquired between her and her sibling.

“We don’t know him from the past, so… it’s possible.” James replied, the two exchanging looks then sitting with Alistair.

Harley’s gaze went to Alistair once more, “What are we to do with you…?”
Welcome to the Circus, Dollface

Harley and James had introduced Alistair to L.J., it seemed to go well so the pair went to work on other things while the other two became acquainted.

“Two hundred years, eh? What’s it like being in the ground that long, if that’s not a sore subject?” L.J. asked, leaning forward with head in his hand.

“It’s… kind of tense, my good man. Never knowing when you’ll wake back up, or be uncovered by someone…” Alistair responded, leaning back in his chair.

“Is it? I’d have thought it would be tense in a different way, but alright.” L.J. gave a soft smile, “So, do you think you’d be interested in joining up with the circus as a job? Or would you rather be on your merry way after you adjust a bit to the world?”

“Honestly? I’ve always been fascinated by the circus…” Alistair said, a string like, dark purple aura going from his finger to the spoon in his tea to stir it.

L.J. looked on in amazement, “How do you do that…?” They asked, nigh speechless.

“Oh, that old party trick? It’s just… something I was born with.” The doll replied, “Always got called ‘puppet master’ for it. I can use it on a lot more than objects, it connects to the very soul of someone. Which, if you’ll allow, I can demonstrate on you.” He went on, releasing the spoon and sipping the tea.

L.J. nodded quickly, quite fascinated with this aspect of the soul before him. Alistair then started moving his fingers, and L.J.’s body moved accordingly. This went on for a good few minutes, the two not saying anything between them for that time.

Alistair noticed the smile on L.J.’s face, “What’s got you all giddy?” He asked.

“If you would like the position, a new act.” The incubus responded as Alistair released them.

“I think I’ll take you up on that.” Alistair said with a grin.

“We just need to update your look a bit, since I’m pretty sure that outfit is long past expiration judging by the tears and faded color to it.” L.J. mentioned, looking over the clothes the doll had. “We’ll go shopping in a bit, and we’ll get you a trailer eventually. Just stay with the twins for now so you have a place to rest your head, yeah?”

Alistair nodded, seeing the points made, “Wonder if I’ll actually like anything nowadays…”

“I’m sure we’ll find something.” L.J. assured, “Welcome to the circus, dollface.”


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Fate Happens You Know

xXedge_lordXx as L.J. Rodriguez

ExoGrim as The Jester

L.J. was simply strolling the edges of the grounds, looking about. He seemed to be looking for something, and nothing at the same time. Searching to find anything of note, he supposed.*

As they wandered through the area, a red and black blur darted past them. The blur was only there momentarily, moving swiftly between two barrels.*

They looked to the barrels, cautiously approaching with a hand near the longsword at their belt.*

The blur darted away once again, and a voice echoed through the room. “Catch us if you can.”*

“A game of chase, hm?” They asked aloud, chuckling a bit. They looked around for any sign of where the voice could have come from, planning to flush it out.*

“Exactly that L.J.” The voice echoed once more. “But we must warn you, we’re not so easy to find…”*

His ears perked up, trying to listen for any movement as he closed his eyes.*

The snapping a twick could be hear in the distance, followed by the sound a scrapping of bark.*

They went towards the sound silently, wondering if they was being watched or not. If so, then there would be movement in a different direction.*

As they approached, they would see a figure dressed in black and red, taking the shape of a jester. The figure looked at L.J. “Well, hello, we’ve been waiting for you.”*

“Have you now?” L.J. asked with a grin, looking the jester up and down.*

“Why yes, you’re very important.” The figure stated. “All of our plans require you and your circus.”*

“And why should I allow this?” They inquired, tilting their head.*

“Because you are important.” The figure said. “You are a hope that no other can see.”*

“Oh?” They paused, “Do tell.”*

“Can’t.” The figure replied. “We would spoil everything if we did.”*

“I suppose that’s fair.” L.J. thought for a moment, “What can you tell me?”*

“What we can tell you is that you’re important.” The jester answered. “And that’s why we must stay.”*

“Alright, what can I expect you to do while you’re here?” They asked, “And what should we call you?”*

“We’re a juggler.” The figure responded. “As for the name… our real name wouldn’t fit here, nor are we willing to give it. Call us the Jester.”*

“Alright, Jester, you’re in. Just make sure to not hurt patrons or our cast, alright?” L.J. said, chuckling a bit.*

The jester chuckled as well. “No promises… accidents happen you know.”*

“Of course, of course. That I do understand.” They agreed understandingly.*

“When do we start?” The jester asked casually.*

“We’ll get you a trailer, and then it’s up to you what goes in it. Of course, usually you’d have to get it with your own money that you get paid from our profits, but when you first get it you get some immediately. However, if you happen to just find things for free, then go ahead and use that stuff to decorate or use.” They began, “You don’t have to worry too much about getting your own food, unless you want to. Diana and I are the ones to pick up food from town every few weeks, so that’s taken care of. The twins go hunting in the woods sometimes, so if you’re in the mood for what they have then go on ahead and ask them about it…” They paused, thinking about what they might be missing.*

“That sounds good to us.” He answered. “For now, I must depart, but I’ll be back when the trailer is set up.”*

“Sounds good.” L.J. smiled kindly at the Jester.*

Frostlich1228 (Alt)

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Frostlich1228 & xXedge_lordXx, “Marionette”

Alistair had just stepped out of the twins’ trailer when he heard the applause from the main tent, noticing a peculiar woman step out the side of it. He hesitates, but decides to approach her. “‘Ello, love. How are ya?”

She smiled, still holding a pendulum in her hand as she sung slightly to him. “Well how are you~ Aren’t you new~?”

“I am, ma’am. Might I ask your name?” Alistair inquired, making sure his bangs covered the damaged side of his face, not wanting to be too off putting.

She leaned in, smiling as she continued to sing to him, “Fufufufu… My name is Cadenza~ But you… may call me mistress, if you like~”

If he had a flesh vessel, he’d blush right about now. “Well, that’s quite a name and title. I’m Alistair of-- well, that’s not too important.”

Her smile dropping, she seemed to become slightly frustrated. She brought her arms forward, grabbing his shoulders lightly and sitting him in a nearby chair. “Alistair~ Are you nervous, little thing?”

Alistair seemed to be lulled a bit by her voice, being a bit compliant to the sitting down. “Not particularly, ma’am.” He replied, looking up at her.

Stepping behind him, she ran a hand through his hair. “Then relax~ I won’t bite dearie.”

He relaxed a bit more, leaning a bit into her touch. He gave a slight smile, even.

“That’s right~” She whispered, again in a sing-songy voice. “So… Where did you come here from, then?”

He gave a slight chuckle, “Honestly? It might get me dead, love. Typically, most creatures of myth don’t take kindly to my origins, ‘spite bein’ myth myself.”

“Do you really think I’d kill you?” She responded, touching the sides of his face.

“You? S’pose not, just don’t go tellin’ anyone, okay?” He insisted in a gentle voice, looking up at her.

“You can put your trust in me, little thing.” Cadence replied, leaning her head past his shoulder and looking him in the eyes

“Right then,” he started, “I’m an angel, love, usually we aren’t taken to since we’re known for bein’ some kind of war machine. Me? I’m not like that, never was. I was a choir boy, been in my share, but still a choir boy. Unfortunately for me, my old body was burned by hellfire, by my own at that. Said I was conspiring ‘gainst heaven and whatnot… amazed they didn’t take my grace while they were at it.” He explained, his voice low so others wouldn’t hear but her.

Clearly much more interested in him than she had been before, Cadenza whispered as well. “I am no demon, dearie. I have nothing against a little angel such as yourself. As long as you treat me with kindness, of course…”

“I try my best, the only thing hatred begets is more of it after all.” Alistair mentioned, eyes slowly closing, but stopping about halfway.

“No no no…” She smiled, “That’s good… Your eyes are getting heavy, aren’t they? Let them drop~”

“Mmm… if you say so, love.” He seemed to obey easily enough, letting them drop completely.

Cadence smirked, realizing that it was finally working. She began to sing again, but this time, putting her siren song into full effect.

Alistair didn’t bother to fight back, his head slightly slumping to the side and revealing the many cracks the twins had repaired, gold shining in each one from the eye outward.

Looking over the cracks, she spoke. “You trust me now, don’t you little one?”

“Mhmm…” He hummed, giving a slight nod of the head.

“Would you mind telling me who repaired these cracks? If you do, I’ll let you ask something about me…” The Siren whispered.

“The twins, Harley ‘n’ James… surprised that vampire didn’t try ‘nd break me more while I was bein’ repaired…” Alistair replied, “Now, how did someone like you end up here?”

“The ringmaster brought me here, he’s a nice guy, when he’s not playing with my toys of course.” Tilting her head in thought, Cadence asked again. “Do you trust them? They are demons after all.”

“I trust those who show me kindness, and they showed me kindness when I did nothing to deserve it from them. Don’t matter to me if you’re demon, angel, or somethin’ else, if you give me kindness then I trust you.” He elaborated, then asking “Whatcha mean by your ‘toys’ exactly?”

“Well, what do you do with little toys? You play with them… Sometimes I decide to play with my friends, even my lovely audience who volunteer from time to time.” She explained with a sultry inflection. “They enjoy being under my control and I enjoy controlling them.”

Alistair nodded understandingly, not questioning it.

“You’re probably wondering where that puts you, dearie…” She let out a laugh as she stopped her singing. “Well, that all depends on you now. You are new, so I was simply testing your resistance. Now that I have you like this, we can go further, or I can stop right now, it’s your choice honey.”

“Honestly? It’s nice to not have control for once…” He said simply, giving a shrug.

“So, is that a yes?” She asked, raising her eyebrows. “I want to hear you say it.”

“Yes, you can go further…” He said with an almost sleepy grin.

“Good” She smiled devilishly, picking her singing up again. “You’re so relaxed, aren’t you? Your eyes are droopy, it’s only a matter of time before they fall. Before you fall…”

Alistair gave a slight purr, leaning his head slightly in her direction, “That’s funny, since it really is only a matter of time before that happens, I would guess.” He gave a small chuckle, seeming to be completely relaxed and in her control.

“Now fall into sleep… ” Cadence whispered, petting him. “And listen only to the sound of my beautiful voice…”

He gave a small nod, going a bit limp like he’d fallen asleep right then.”All you have to do to be hypnotized, is listen and obey… Hypnosis is simple and you’re such a good subject. Now, whenever you hear me sing to you, you will be twice as susceptible as the time before, falling to me easier and easier…”

“And whenever you’re under the power of my song, you want to do whatever I say. Whatever I say is true and right.” She continued, stepping in front of him. “Because you know, whenever I am happy, you feel equally so. And you want to be happy, of course…”

“That’s right.” Cadenza giggled, leaning her head a inch away from him face. “You are so cute when you’re asleep, you truly are a little doll. Now, wake up calm and relaxed. You won’t remember anything, leave that to your subconscious, when it hears me sing, it will do all the obeying and you won’t be able to stop yourself if you tried.”

Alistair woke up, giving a small yawn as he sat up a little straighter. Opening his eyes, he gave her a smile. “That was… nice.” He said.

“It’s not over just yet, little pet.” Cadence said, still an inch from his face as she sung, hoping her trigger had stuck properly. “Now, I want you to call me Mistress Cadenza~”

“Yes, Mistress Cadenza.” Alistair replied obediently, a slight purr in his voice.

“Now… Hmm… Kiss me.” She stared into his eyes. “And have fun doing it.”

He did as he was told, kissing her enthusiastically as he pulled her closer with an arm around her waist. Cadenza quickly leaned his head back, kissing him as deeply as she could. After about a minute, the Siren pulled away, feeling refreshed. “You don’t mind giving me a little of your energy. It makes me happy. And making me happy…”

“Is my priority.” Alistair grinned, seeming to be unaffected by the energy loss.

“Good Doll. Now, once I stop singing, you can stop calling me mistress, unless you want to, of course. It’s up to you.” The Feathered woman said, finally ending her song, and by extension, her control over Ali.

He nodded, standing and popping a few joints that occasionally go out of place back in. Comes with the age, after all. “Guess I’ll be seein’ you ‘round, eh love?”

“Oh, you will.” She said, pushing her hair back with her hand, “But don’t be afraid to see me on your own if you want to do this again.”

“Noted.” Alistair replied, a grin on his face as he started to go off, probably to take care of something or another.
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Suspicions and Arrival

xXedge_lordXx as Sybil Swan
Frostlich1228 as Lucretzia Hellsing
ExoGrim as Kendric Kleindale

Hunter HQ
United States
Location unknown

Lucretzia had her laptop out in front of her, going over details again and again, checking and rechecking information and sources. She sat cross legged in her large leather chair, a chair obviously too big for the little girl, but she didn’t mind.

Satisfied, she looked up over the screen at the Hunters she had called in, before closing it. “Thanks for coming so soon, you all know how I like promptness.”

One of the hunters in a white labcoat pushed up his glasses, “Oh we know… You get-”

“I get… Antsy, when you are late… Like you were, last time.” Lucretzia twirled her pen in between her fingers casually. “Good thing that was only a drill.”

Kendric grunted. “Another bloody drill? I ain’t got time for these ridiculous practices you’re having us do. I’ve got huntin’ to do, and I don’t like bein’ delayed.”

“You’ll miss out on the hunting if you don’t show up, which, conveniently, this meeting is related to.” The hellsing girl stated. “We’ve pinpointed a lot of activity in this area. Let’s see… The common rouge vampire and werewolf reports… A small cult of demons that popped up a few days ago… typical, although I did find a Vampire biker club, isn’t that interesting?”

“But no. What you’re all really here for is what our angel friend has to say.” She said, pointing her pen towards Sybil, “I think we’ve hit the jackpot.”

“We’ve discovered a… ‘circus’, of unholy creatures. It ranges from an incubus, a powerful one at that, to an almost fallen angel from what I’ve seen. Though, none of them know except a siren who put him under, since his vessel is… a doll.” Sybil explained, reading off from her notes that she’d written.

“Actually useful for somethin’?” Kendric laughed. “That’s a surprise for yer kind. What are ye doin’ here anyway? We’re hunters, not helpers.”

“Says the dwarf who doesn’t bother showing up to drills. I never called anyone here my, ‘helper’, anyway. I live to serve God, and this is one way of doing that.” Sybil came back with.

“Them sound like fightin’ words.” Kendric replied, reaching for his crossbow. “I prefer demon huntin’... but I’ll make an acception.”

Lucretzia watched the two bicker as she grabbed an entire handful of sugar cubes and dropped them into the tea that was sitting on the table next to her. Suddenly, she raised up a hand. “Please, I’d rather not have the two of you kill each other. I need the both of you, more than the other may think.”

Sybil didn’t even bother looking to Kendric from her clipboard, wings unfurling, “Go on and shoot, if you’d like an entire battalion on your case and likely killing you.” She said.

Kendric chuckled menacingly. “I might have to take ya up on that offer. I’ve always enjoyed a good thrill.”

“Now the two of you are beginning to get on my nerves.” She rubbed her temple slightly, “Sometimes I wonder who’s really the child in this room.”

“Not to sound childish, but to be fair, he is the one who started this.” Sybil said simply, looking up to Lucretzia on the raised platform.

“Childish? Kid, I’m just doin’ me job.” Kendric countered, before looking turning back to the angel. “And you. Don’t think that you’re lookin’ like a human means any different to me. I won’t quit ‘til there’s nothin’ left to hunt”

“Would me looking like a dove mean anything? Because I can most certainly do that.” For once, there was a little humor in Sybil’s voice. Setting down her clipboard,she changed into just that, a dove and perched on Kendric’s head.

“ENOUGH!” The little girl yelled with a voice that sounded much louder than her body would lead you to believe. Lucretzia coughed a little, clearing her throat, “I won’t have this, not when I’m trying to have an important conversation…”

“You, Kendric. If monster hunting is really your job as you say it is, then why are you bickering when there is a nest of them out there doing whatever they please?” The head hunter raised an eyebrow. “Was my father wrong to tell me you were an effective hunter?”

Kendric glanced at the small girl above him. “Your father never used me to my fullest potential. If ya sayin’ that you can do that, I’ll put my differences beside… for now.”

“I can see why… Your reliability simply astonishes me…” She rolled her eyes, then looked up at Sybil. “And you. You’re supposed to be on a holy mission, are you not?”

Sybil fluttered down back to her board, shifting back to her more human form. “Yes ma’am, though, all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl as they say. I suppose… I was just taking a small opportunity to see just how short his temper was. My apologies for being a bit immature.”

Lucretzia nodded, however, she wasn’t about to let her off that easily. “And how do you think the man above, the one who ordered you, would feel seeing your lack of conviction in your holy duty? So much so that you would waste time agitating a man because you felt like it?”

“It was merely a lapse, I’m sorry.” Sybil said quietly, looking down.

Kendric was about to say something, but his glared shifted in the direction of the left wall. “A werewolf pack… about five of them, two dire, three normal. They’re about 10 kilometers out.” He cocked his crossbow. “With your permission, I’ll give them a good taste of a true hunter.”

“Then that is what you shall do… And I think the two of you need to learn a little cooperation if you are going to be of any use in a fight.” The silver haired girl added. “Sybil, you wouldn’t mind, would you?”

“I suppose not.” Sybil held up the clipboard, and it was gone in a puff of smoke. She looked to Kendric, “Shall we?”

Kendric had already left to track the wolves location before they realized that they were near the base. He was a good 5 kilometers out before he had sight of the beast. He quickly checked his crossbow to make sure it was okay to fire then took aim at what looked to be the alpha.

Sybil quickly caught up, perching in a tree as a dove before shifting back. She could see Kendric from her position, taking aim for one of the others with her pistol.

Kendric fired a round, the bolt hitting the alpha in the left eye. He reloaded his crossbow in the blink of an eye and fired again, this shot exploding in holy energy as he killed one of the smaller ones. “Come an’ get some of this ya meatgrinders!” He yelled at the top of his lungs.

Sybil gave a sigh, “Of course.” She then quickly aimed for headshots on the approaching werewolves, shooting at each one and making her mark. Once done, she stowed away her pistol and headed down the tree she was in.

Kendric grunted “Ruin all the fun why don’t ya.” he muttered. He saw the ear of the alpha twitch. His face turned into a wicked grin. “Still alive after all of that eh? Then you won’t mind my takin’ a souvenir.” He took out one of his bolts and began slowly carving out the alpha’s ear, the creature letting out a muffled scream.

Now that’s just sadistic… Sybil thought to herself, putting the creature out of its misery after the deed was done. Sure the two rounds killed it, she looked to Kendric.

Grinning at his new trophy, Kendric let out a devilish laughter. “A job well done. Ya might be useful to my after all. Yer a good shot, I’ll give ya that.”

“Thank you.” Sybil said softly, brushing some of her hair back. She popped a few finger joints before gesturing they should head back.

Kendric took note of the gesture and began to make his way back to the HQ. They had to report back the results to Lady Hellsing.

However, Lady Hellsing made her way to them, pulling a werewolf behind her. The creature’s veins were bulging and it’s face looked as if it had been badly burned. “One got around you, not a problem anymore though."

Sybil looked at the creature in pity, not saying a word.

“Serve ‘em, right, tryin’ to attack one of the most fortified areas in this part of world.” Kendric remarked. “All we need to do is place it’s head on a pike and they’ll think twice before attackin’ us again.”

Lucretzia sighed, “There was no way they were smart enough to know where we are, this is clearly just bad luck on their part.”

“Whatever…” Kendric muttered under his breath. “When do we head out for this circus? I’m itchin’ to get a good hunt goin’”

“I can see about when would be a good time, if that’ll help Lady Hellsing.” Sybil offered.

“Thank you Sybil, please, do that.” The head hunter replied, “But do be careful, watch from afar, don’t risk yourself. We’ll strike when the time is right.”

“I could check now, seeing how I was blessed with the ability Prophesize. By looking at various outcomes, I’ll see where victory is most often. Shall I?” Sybil explained, tilting her head to the side.*

“Don’t bother…” Kendric replied. “I know a thing or two ‘bout foresight. The one future that the most successful is the one that never happens.” There seemed to barely noticeable hint of guilt in his voice.

“Thank you Kendric. But be warned, I have a feeling this isn’t just any Incubus…” The girl said, checking her pen. “I think this just might be a certain friend of ours, especially mine. Someone who caused the deaths of a number of our mutual friends…”

Kendric looked like he was going to say something, but he suddenly turned to looked over his shoulder. There was nothing there. He shook his head. “Sorry, thought I saw somethin’.”

Lucretzia stepped forwards. “No, check it out. We can’t afford any blind spots when after L.J, no missed details, no mistakes. He won’t hesitate to end any of you… So we can’t hesitate to end him…”
Baby, There’s a Snake in the Water

Smallelvenprince as Callie “Cottonmouth” Caldwell

Frostlich1228 as Cadenza Vialli

There was a naga out by herself, slithering about in the nearby swamps by the circus grounds. She’d been on foot, or rather on tail, for some weeks now since she had to lay low. That and, well, how would a naga even drive? She looked down at her map and compass, tilting her head when her compass had stopped working. “What th’ world…?” She said, then sighed and put them both back in the bag she’d packed. Surely she had to be close now.

Walking out the back of the tent to get some fresh air and to stretch her wings, Cadenza picked up something moving in the corner of her eye. The swamp water was rippling heavily, causing the Siren’s eyebrows to perk up. “Is it a fish…? If it is it must be huge… I wonder if I can cook it.”

Flying up and diving towards the pool, she got there relatively quickly even though she was trying to make little noise. She smiled as she slipped into the pool and began to sing towards where she saw the disturbance, hoping to lure the fish towards her.

The naga heard the singing, perking up and looking around with her head out of the water, “Somebody out there? ‘Cause you got a lovely voice if it’s me not hearin’ things.” She said, not immediately susceptible to the Siren’s song, but if it were prolonged exposure she, like anyone else, would definitely fall victim.

Her head out of the water, the siren did a double take as she ceased her singing. “You’re not a fish are you? Some kind of mermaid?”

“I’m no lovely mermaid, but I can tell ya that they’re one helluva sight in Louisiana.” The naga said, slithering onto shore. This exposed the rest of her body, as well as a minor charm on her bag to make everything in it waterproofed. “Name’s Callie Caldwell, though some people call me Cottonmouth on account a this little feature I have.” She said, opening her mouth to reveal a cotton white colour in place of something normal. After a brief moment, Callie spoke again, “Know any reason a compass might stop workin’, sugar? Mine stopped on a dime.”

“Weeell… There is a lot of magic nearby, dearie. Could be causing some sort of magnetic disturbance.” Cadenza explained.

“Oh? What’s all that collective magic from, if ya happen know?” Callie asked, tilting her head.

“The Circus.” Cadence replied simply with a grin.

Callie began to grin widely, giving a small squeal. “Finally! I knew I’d find the place eventually!” She said, giggling a bit.

Caught a little off guard, the Siren chuckled. “We don’t get too many people actually looking for us, you know.”

Before the siren knew it, the naga was right in front of her, a puppy like expression of excitement in her eyes, “Couldja lead me the rest of the way? Pretty please, miss?”

“Hmm… I dunno…” Cadenza trailed off, “It’d be a shame to just show you the way without continuing my song… You said you liked it, didn’t you?”

“I did, and you can continue if you’d like.” Callie smiled, her tail swirling a bit for better balance.

“Well, I can’t say no to an audience request, now can I?” She leaned in and continued singing.

Callie listened, soon falling under the spell of the song as her eyes grew heavy.Giggling, the siren rubbed a hand alongside her face. “It’s funny really, If I had the mind to, I could turn that whole circus into a little army, but the spotlight is my real calling love…”

“I bet you make a real killin’ off your act…” Callie murmured, giving the slightest purr.

“Oh, you know it sweetie.” The hypnotist hummed, “Well, my usual arrangement is I ask you a question about yourself, and you can ask anything you like about me, sound fair?”

“Quite.” The naga agreed.

“So, you have such a cute little accent, but that begs the question, where are you from?” Cadence asked first.

“Grew up in Louisiana’s bayous. Learned my accent from my mama and daddy.” Callie answered simply, “How ‘bout you, darlin’?”

“Oh, all over, never really did stay in one place long. However, if you’re asking me where I was born, then the answer would be off the coast of Florida.” She replied. “Now, for my next question… Just how strong is that tail of yours?”

“I’ve easily lifted ‘bout 200 pounds with it before, so it could knock a man on his rear end easy enough…” Callie responded, “What other tricks ya got up the sleeve?”

“Fufu… Well, I can fly dear, I can also swim obviously, I’m also not bad with a spear.” The feathered fish girl listed off.

Callie’s eyes were slowly falling even more, little purrs of sleepiness sounding occasionally. “You know… I’ve always wanted a pet snake, they’ve got such cute little eyes…” Cadenza whispered, having more than a small amount of fun teasing her.

“No one’s… ever said that to me ‘fore…” Callie seemed to be drifting in and out, swaying just slightly.

“Really? Well, allow me to be the first.” Cadenza said, moving around the side and laying a hand on her tail. “I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time in our circus, little thing… And I personally can’t wait to see what you can do to entertain everyone… Including me, if you like.”

Callie seemed to go completely under just after listening, her eyes closed completely as she continued to move like a charmed cobra.

“I call tell you really enjoy this… And you want more, don’t you?” Cadenza said, petting her charmed snake. “You’ve been traveling for awhile I take it? You really would just like a rest…”

“But… I’m so very exhausted myself…” She suddenly yawned, breaking the spell over Callie suddenly and jarringly.

Callie snapped awake, blinking a couple of times. She looked over to her companion, looking like she wanted more.

“What’s wrong? You seem a little… Unsatisfied?” The Siren chuckled.

“I… kinda want more a that…” Callie said, her eyes twinkling just a little in interest.

“Really?” She said, surprised, “You’d like me to keep going?”

Callie nodded, smiling brightly.

“Mmm… I don’t know, I’m not really convinced…” She toyed.

“Pleaaaaaase?” Callie pleaded, holding her hands together.

“Well, if you insist…” Cadence hummed as she continued her song, Callie’s want for it allowing her to fall much easier than before.

Callie easily fell asleep in short order, swaying gently once again. Cadenza slowly moved around her again, whispering to her gently. “Whenever I sing to you, you’ll fall even easier than you did this time… Now, you’ve come a long way to find us, so what you’ll do, is you’ll follow me to the Circus and there, you’ll find my bed and take the longest, most comfortable nap you’ve ever had…”

“You’ve been a wonderful guest, it’s the least can do… It doesn’t help that you’re so cute…” The hypnotist said, planting a kiss on her cheek. “Now when you wake up, you’ll do everything I just said…”

Snapping her fingers and stopping her song, Cadence quickly woke the Snake girl up. “How do you feel?”

“I feel… tired, like I should nap somewhere.” The naga replied with a slight yawn.

“Then follow me… I know just where you can sleep.” She said comfortingly, leading her away.

Callie awoke a few hours later feeling well rested, sitting up and stretching a bit as she reached for her bag at the side of the strange bed she was in. She looked around the trailer she was in, taking in the surroundings since she hadn’t had the chance to earlier.

“Hey sleepy, how was the nap?” A familiar Siren asked, currently making breakfast.

“Good nap, best one in a while for me actually.” Callie replied with a soft smile, looking over at Cadenza.

“Good to hear. Want some eggs?” She asked casually, moving the pan.

Callie nodded, swiveling herself so she was sitting upright on the bed and facing the Siren.

“I didn’t want to make you ask me, but how did you come to hear about us? What made you choose to track us down like this?” Cadence asked, preparing some plates.

“When a circus of supernatural sorts pops up, word travels from person to person of our sorts like wildfire. I heard about it a few years back, and I knew then that I could be somewhere I was accepted and could put my talents to use. Always wanted to be in a circus before that, too, so why not?” Callie explained.

“That’s as good a reason as any.” She smirked, “So, what is it you can do, dearie?”

“I can read into the future, see other timelines, that sorta thing. My cards and crystals have yet to fail me. That, and occasional visions have yet to be wrong either.” Callie said simply, trying to not sound cliched, or worse, boring.

“That’s certainly a power alright… Must get kinda boring knowing how thing are going to play out, huh?” Candenza replied.

“It ain’t really too boring, lets me be prepared. Though, I gotta say, I didn’t think this was the timeline where I met you first.” She giggled.

“So, you already knew me and knew what I was going to do to you… And you let it happen?” The Siren laughed, putting the heat down.

“I knew you weren’t dangerous, to me anyway. I’m sure you can be, though.” Callie said, leaning on one side.

“Well, I wouldn’t hurt you, but I’m sure you know I can go to some interesting places and do interesting things when I use my song… You’d be okay with that?” She asked, moving the sunny side up eggs to two small plates.

“‘Course I know that much, and I personally would not mind a bit~” Callie said with a subtle wink.

“Oh, I like you. You seem like you know how to have fun.”

“So I’m told~”

“Well here are your eggs.” Candace said as she handed off the plate, “You little flirt…”

Callie giggled a bit in response, “Thanks, sugar.” She said before digging in.

“Don’t mention it, dearie.” She said, wrapping an arm around her. “Welcome to the family…”

“Thank ya for havin’ me.”