Circo de el Diablo: The Prelude

"... 'Come one, come all, guys, gals, and non binary pals, to Circo de el Diablo!' You hear a voice yell in the distance, it was a rather charming one... Do you follow that voice?

Run by L.J. Rodriguez, Circo de el Diablo is a main attraction in modern day Amisville, Mississippi. However, there are hunters that are interested in having some bodies on their walls, whether as profession or just for sport. The cast of our little circus has to find a way to either lay low, or defend themselves and each other. Laying low would be bad for business, though, so the veterans of the show have to show the newbies the ropes, and not just for the trapeze. Who will win this battle of wits and whips?"

Hey everybody! This is... the first RP I'll be in charge of! It's a world with any race of mythological creature you'd like, so long as you can make it work, and while it's known by governments they exist (hence no interference from them, that's the bit I'm stickin' to), common folks such as those outside of Amisville aren't so sure. You get to play either as one of the circus, or one of the enemy hunters! The circus's goal is to hunt before being hunted, if it's known a hunter is around, so plenty of fights to be had. If anyone is interested, feel free to shoot me a message!
Note: While not a deadline for joining completely, if you want to make a veteran performer (meaning someone who is already a part of the circus before we get newer performers after the start) please join before we start on 03/17/17!