Bastion (no spoilers)

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Angel Patrick

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Bastion (click "Bastion")

So I just purchased Bastion the game. I just started playing it today and already have 100min played. The game cost me $7 on steam but its original price is $15. So far I have enjoyed the game and its balance of being hard yet not to the point were you keep on dying and cant pass the level. I have only died very few time now thinking of it. Graphics are simply beautiful. The voice over that the game does when ever something is happening is a very god addition to the game, and I hope that more games will be made with this included. The story is pretty good and I was found of the part were you got to know more of your character and his hardships. On the down side, it seems repetitive, or in better terms, continues (not sure if I make myself clear). The game has been fun so far and I just hope that the flavor changes up as I proceed my adventure.


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I thought it was a very good game. The gameplay itself wasn't bad, lots of different ways to play with all the weapon combos, but it did get a little repetitive. The story/narration, art, and music though, made it one of my most recommended games in the past couple years. It's one of the very few games who's story and such actually drew me in more than the gameplay. Most games nowadays have rather bland storylines and I end up just skipping through them, but not Bastion.