The Logbook


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Brian's logbook:
Chapter 1- Introductions;

Welcome to Sanctuary - my home after the shitstorm that was the war went down. Now, if you happen to be reading this, I either got too old to run the train and selected you as a successor or you're reading it after I've been killed. Either way, I believe a good introduction is key, given if the latter happened, you could be a kid with no understanding of what the world before this one was like.

This irradiated hellscape used to be far more hospitable, young one; there used to be plentiful amounts of clean water and enough food that going to bed full wasn’t a luxury. People argued and lived together in relative harmony... until we discovered the Pathogen. A new bio-weapon that would alter any animal or plant and change it into something far more dangerous- if it didn't outright kill it first. The governments of the world sought to contain it by storing it in an Antarctic bunker, with enough forces there to act as a heavy deterrent. However, either due to human error, an act of terrorism, or many other reasons, it never made it there.

Now, I don't know precisely what happened next, but the Pathogen spread like wildfire; infecting the world in what seemed like days. Countries fell and people got cruel... well, that ain't fair. They decided to survive by any means necessary. That's what lead to the terms Scavs - short for scavengers who generally stay in one region to scavenge - and Runners - those who use a vehicle of some sort as a home. But while most people build settlements and fend off horrors, this train is a community or at the bare minimum, can become one. There's enough cars for at least a group of seventy people, more if you un-dedicate the ones holding food, ammo, and meds. It's armored enough to take a beating if you need it to and the engine is fast enough to outrun east things when it picks up speed.

Now... the following chapters are more detailed explanations of what I know about the folks who've survived, the mutants that have popped up, and how to maintain and upgrade the train when you need to. Before I end this chapter off; Good luck and may fate forever be on your side.