Game Give Away


Hey guys,

So to thank everyone for joining the community I will be doing one game giveaway at this time. It doesn't have a hard end date yet but probably less than a month, but depends on how long we take to get everything up and running. If you want more info I will have a video going up on my channel talking about it. Which will explain more. But right now if you win you chose one of 4 games. The best one in my opinion is Bioshock.

In order to enter just comment below answering a few questions.

Which game?

How you found out about Website?

Steam name?

Also please share this with your friends. If you have 5 friends entering you have 5 times the chance to be able to win the game. Maybe make a deal where you get to play it on their pc or something IDK but just share it really helps us out.


i would like to win borderlands 2
i found out about the website by seeing linus his video


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Which game: Borderlands 2

How you found out about Website: Watching the video Linus posted.

Steam name: mark_rune_mortensen


I want to win the Steam Greenlight Submission fee. I found out about the website through the video I put up. Now give me my game you chipmunk!


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i would like to win Borderlands 2 cause it looks : cute, fluffy, horny, naughty and reaaally sexy ;3

i found out about the website cause i check youtube 5 times a minute

and mah steam name: [Erkn]

yall know me :D !!

RePlayGaminghub Michiel

The game Borderland 2 hell yeah
Linus his awesome video


Game I want: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Platinum :D

How I found out about this Site: Linus' awesome video.

Steam Name: Chieftain


Shogun 2 Total War. Cause i like it don't ask

Linus of course!

Steam Acc: incube_us(incubus fan)


So when I said which game I ment like out of the games I already have in my steam guest passes. But because I feel like giving back to you guys. I will purchase you a game within reason, So that means I will figure out a way to afford borderland 2 for those that want it. But because of this I am going to have the competition last for a while. So the picking of the person will not happen until around halloween. So tell your friends get more people to join in. If we get over 100 people entering I will give the game away quicker.


Game I want: Amnesia:the Dark Descent
How I found out about the website: Linus' Video
Steam Name: true_isis

Edit: Found out ray had to pay for the game so I went a cheaper route


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Game:I would say borderlands 2, just played borderlands one and i am so ready for the sequel, but i haven't got the money right now.
How i found out about the website: I saw Linus' video, and instantly joined.
Steam name: Emilon


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I would like to win Sid Meier's Civilization V - Gods and Kings
I found out about the website through Linus's video that he posted
And my Steam Name is Kimbblesrath

Sid Meier's Civilization V - Gods and Kings


Well, I'm not a big fan of getting things handed to me, but I guess a free game couldn't hurt.

I'd like to receive Counter Strike Global Offensive.

I heard about the website through Linus's video.

My Steam name is Crosseyedmonkee

Also, how do we see what games you have available to give out? You said you have 4 to pick from but you never listed which ones.
Don't worry I decided to just buy w/e game as long as it was resonable. Meaning won't spend over like 50 bucks but I can get BL2 for under that so don't worry about it.


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I guess a lot of people will be visiting this thread so I guess it's worth posting here, even if I don't win at least you guys will all know who I am :p

So I'd be chuffed to receive anything, but Legend of Grimrock is a game I've been planning to purchase anyway so that would be awesome.

I have to say, quite unoriginally, that I found the website because Linus posted a video on the subject :cool:

And my Steam name is OblivionDuruza. Anyone can feel free to add me if they so desire, and if they aren't already part of it, they should join the Linus117 Steam group :D


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I would like Skyrim.
I saw the website when i searched for the best website ever on google.
My name on steam is Poppiscraft.


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Which game: Borderlands 2

How you found out about Website: Ray and Linus video.

Steam name: Twisted Shadow