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    Knights of the Roundtable Think Tank

    WELCOME ABOARD! What do you mean this ain't a pirate RP?
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    Knights of the Roundtable

    "So... let me get this straight. Mom was a fan of English folklore, specifically Arthurian legend, and named us after characters in the stories... and you want me to name our guild after the same legends?" Arthur remarked as he looked through the pile of papers in front of him. "I'll be real...
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    Knights of the Roundtable Characters Sheets

    Name: Age: Race: Gender: Height: Weight: Eye color: Hair color: Hair Style: Appearance: Personality: Backstory: Weapon of choice: Magic type (if any): Magic Element (if applicable): Skills:
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    Knights of the Roundtable: Altered History, Races and Magic

    587 BC: The holy city of Jerusalem was besieged and destroyed by an army of demons. It's citizen were corrupted and bound to the ruins, marking the first creation of spirits in the Mortal Realm. 323 BC: Alexander the Great was killed by an Angel Ambassador, beginning the conflict between the...
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    The Starstream Adventures! (Sci-fi RP)

    Welp... but I feel like taking some pressure off of Zombie (please don't be mad at me) I've decided to go ahead and set up the IC thread for ya all... Please don't be mad at me for this ;-;
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    Darkness is hungry... I hope you brought steak :P

    So... Other then the obvious spam, this place seems pretty nice (and quiet O_O)