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    CS:S or CS:GO?!?!

    I have been a Counter Strike player since 1.6, absolutely fell in LOVE with the game. When Source was released, I jizzed in my pants the moment I heard about it. Now GO is out and I'm not much of a fan. Most of the popular maps from Source aren't in GO, they changed gun balance, model detection...
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    XBOX 360 Anyone?

    Hello all you wonderful community members! I am making this thread to see who here is interested in gaming on console! I myself enjoy quite a lot playing on my xbox. If any of you are interested in getting together, feel free to leave your gamer tag and the games you're interested in playing...
  3. Atom Collider

    My name is...

    ATOM! I'm a gamer at heart and a programmer by choice. Looking forward to making new friends. I like science and I read a lot. I think that's enough for now :3