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  1. MrBessworth

    What Graphics card should I get?

    Sorry for the late reply, Yes think of the TI versions as more tuned, like a car faster, better. (Overclocked)
  2. MrBessworth

    Optimizing Livestreaming

    Np glad to help mate
  3. MrBessworth

    League Tournaments (For Fun)

    You guys should get together and organise a League of Legends tournament on the EUW servers and the NA servers seen as though their is a lot of us who play it xD It would be good for the community too
  4. MrBessworth

    Game Give Away

    Which game: Arma 2 CO How you found out about Website: From watching KingsEntourage's video he posted. Steam Name: MrBess1
  5. MrBessworth

    Optimizing Livestreaming

    Its been some time that I have used xsplit and I have watched your stream. At first I thought your internet must be really bad (no offence) because the quality was not really good could make out what text said ect. But if you have 10MB upload and you are only getting 480p quality then something...
  6. MrBessworth

    What Graphics card should I get?

    Looking at your computer specs they are on the mid-lower end of gaming rigs but do not worry the games you are playing with the display you are using makes your rig fine. But in my experience if you are looking to get a sufficient graphics card with and older rig you want to be looking at AMD...