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  1. Max

    Elder Scrolls: Online

    what ever happened to the Staff from Elder scrolls 1 arena anyway?
  2. Max

    Minecraft Server

    server is great man
  3. Max


    It would be very hard to have a iron domed Taviana due to it being islands as there is not edge of the map. but I do agree that Taviana is sweet.
  4. Max

    March 19th 2013: The current state of Graylines.

    Rocket has hinted at them not allowing private servers which seems kinda stupid if you ask me
  5. Max


    Pretty good with a viriety of genres specific to each of his albums I recomend his album "Almost Human"
  6. Max

    Rising Storm/Red Orchistra 2

    Any body play these game or thinking about buying one or both I think these games are great if you love realism and WW2 games then you should definitly pick one or better yet both up
  7. Max


    It was Horrble
  8. Max


    I'll check that shit out
  9. Max

    Watch Dogs

    Looks to be best game of the year man