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  1. DeathPants

    X-COM Enemy Unknown - Season 3 Recruitment Centre - New Rules and TIPS - PLEASE READ ALL

    First Name: Mordekai Last Name: Gordon Gender: Male Biographical Synopsis: I've been so faithful to God. I went to church every week, every Sunday, and this is how he repays us? I was so faithful my sons had to be too. My wife wouldn't approve this as she was an Atheist, but my sons never knew...
  2. DeathPants

    X-COM Season 2 - Journals

    I don't think I'll bother with this journal, it'll be just plain old text, because this one is just to relax a bit on some things, so I'm sorry Commander Odd is this makes you a bit mad. Personally, I'm a bit angry. Angry and sad. Sad because 3 people died so far and angry because we loose the...
  3. DeathPants

    X-COM Season 2 - Journals

    Name: Luís Carlos Silva Current Rank: ROOKIE Mission Name: Operation Burning Heart Mission Objective: - Sweep the abduction site and identify targets. - Neutralize all hostile targets. Kills This Mission: None Total Kills since joining XCOM: None Status: Healthy Promotion? None Journal Entry...
  4. DeathPants

    X-COM Season 2 Recruitment Centre

    First Name: Luis Carlos Last Name: Silva Reason for application to X-COM: I want join because I want to join the cause, I want to make a point. I don't have a dark backstory where my parents died from aliens or some thing like that. I just want to do something with my life or die trying. I...