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  1. Linus

    Cube World

    Buzz Killington, classy as fuck. I agree, the game feels pretty polished for an alpha. Only things lacking so far is music and sound effects, and the ability to interact with objects and NPCs. Aside from that it's pretty much exactly what I wanted. As for multiplayer, I don't have the ability...
  2. Linus

    Cube World

    I think the servers are up for real for now. Did you manage to get the game?
  3. Linus

    Cube World

    Jeez, they've been offline for "maintenance" for almost a week now.
  4. Linus

    Back on GrayLines!

    Back on GrayLines!
  5. Linus

    Cube World

    Recently started playing this amazing game. Has anyone else been enjoying it? Looking forward to hearing some cool stories about it. If you have them... ;)
  6. Linus

    new tech demo for Unreal Engine 4

    Pretty damn impressive. Excited to see what the future of gaming will bring us. :)
  7. Linus


    10/10 would save as wallpaper
  8. Linus

    X-COM Recruit Biographies and Journals

    XCOM Soldier Info Name: Linus Current Rank: Corporal Mission Name: Operation Dying Grave Mission Objective: Kill Aliens. Kills This Mission: 5 Total Kills since joining XCOM:2 Status: (Healthy/Wounded/KIA, etc) Wounded (but still badass) Promotion: Squaddie to Corporal Journal Entry: Dear...
  9. Linus

    X-COM Recruit Biographies and Journals

    XCOM Soldier Info Name: Linus Current Rank: Squaddie Mission Name: Operation Stone Dawg Mission Objective: Kill Aliens. Kills This Mission: 2 Total Kills since joining XCOM:2 Status: (Healthy/Wounded/KIA, etc) Healthy as fuck Promotion: Rookie to Squadie Journal Entry: Dear Diary, Today I...
  10. Linus

    X-COM Recruit Biographies and Journals

    Name: Linus Place of Birth: The streets Military Background: Killed over 200 Al-Qaeda terrorist in a single battle during his time in the Navy SEALS. Worst thing witnessed in any previous battle before XCOM: Saw a terrorist call a puppy a "barking little bitch", has never been the same since...
  11. Linus

    Dark Souls Let's play?

    I'm terrible at the game, so I stopped. Dark Souls would take forever to complete when you're bad at it. I might try to return to it when I finish up a bunch of series and have more freedom.
  12. Linus

    X-COM Recruitment Centre

    I have, on this day, voluntarily enlisted myself, as an elite military soldier, in the X-COM special forces. I am giving myself, unconditionally, to the cause. I do bind myself to conform, in all instances, to such rules and regulations, as set forth by my supreme commander ChristopherOdd. I...
  13. Linus

    I'm back!

    Yeeeeep, I work at a law firm at the tech department, sitting there right now. Anyway, I'm still thinking of doing the movie monday thing. Problem is, I can't livestream movies. All we can do is say, "okay, let's watch this movie for next monday", and then I discuss it. Would work for me. I also...
  14. Linus

    I'm back!

    Hey everyone, I just noticed that every post on the front page is one by either Ray or Sarge and now I feel guilty. I love the idea of this website, and from now on I will be involved more (e.g. posting more often etc). I was thinking of doing a series of videos like Ray started doing with his...
  15. Linus

    Every Friday is Community Friday

    I will try to be present, depending on the time. :)
  16. Linus

    A suggestion to Linus and his buddies.

    That actually looks awesome. I proposed this to them, although Chris has never played Pokémon at all.
  17. Linus

    GLG Vlog # 2 -Its for you guys

    No, I want to annoy Ray. :3
  18. Linus

    Resident Evil 6 Let's Play

    Thanks Jasper and T3chno, appreciate it. :)