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    "No More Room In Hell" RP Page

    On the Edge of Darkness The offices of Amin National Insurance was abuzz as usual, with clerks and paperwork moving quickly to meet demands and quotas. Many people quickly darted out of the path to the President's office as Zahra quickly walked towards it, an obvious woman with a mission that...
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    "No More Room in Hell" Character Bio Page

    Roei Al-Amin Age: 37 Birthplace: Damascus, Syria Sex: Male Height: 5'11" Weight: 124 lbs Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Hair Style: Very Short Occupation: Insurance Salesman Associates: Greg Stanley (Right Hand Man), Cheryl Kelly (Enforcer) Appearance: A fairly straight faced and...
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    "No More Room in Hell" Think Tank
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    Starstream Adventures - Character Biographies

    Jackie-Jackie Jetstorm Age: 26 Race: Cartus Sex: Female Height: 5'9" Weight: [Redacted] Eye Color: Amber Hair Color: Dark Brown Hair Style: Short, Somewhat Messy Position: Captain, Leader of Starstream Appearance: Busty and curvy, JJ has a very attractive body she is not afraid to show off a...
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    Starstream Adventures -Aliens, Lore, and General Information

    Hello, and welcome to the Alien, Lore, and info page for what I am calling the Starstream Adventures RP. Here I will post the bios for the various aliens we will encounter on our adventures. Note that these aliens are not all inclusive. There will be other aliens we meet here and there. These...
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    Hunters of Terra Dolor (Role Playing Section)

    Welcome to the role playing section of Hunters of Terra Dolor. Please post all your story-related pieces, including both solo pieces and collaborations. Starting date for the RP is January 15th, 3349.
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    Terra Dolor: OOC Discussion & Think Tank

    Here we have Terra Dolor's own section for out of character discussion. Post all your thoughts, questions, and silly to serious comments here, and leave the other page for the story-related posts, both singles and collabs.
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    Terra Dolor: Information, FAQs, & Character Bios

    A Brief Guide to Hunters of Terra Dolor Welcome to the rules section of Hunters of Terra Dolor. Here I'll briefly go over any information one might have about Terra Dolor. Questions and answers will be added as they come up (or as I think of them). The first question is, naturally, the most...
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    Terra Dolar: Races, Pantheon, & Enemies

    Human: The predominant race of the world of Terra Dolor. Humans, or Humes to the Netzi, are also the main controlling race of the world, aside from countries where their numbers are low. The Netzi believe that Humans were the first major race of man. With a maximum lifespan of 150 years (though...
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    ZombieSplitter53's Island of Misfit Stories

    Here I have a general thread in which I can post the various short stories I've done here or there, as well as store story and RP ideas and intros, and maybe a few bios. I would rather they be available for people to read than sit unused on my computer or phone. And who knows? Perhaps someone...
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    XSDF: Rulers of Shambhala

    Rulers of Shambhala: (A side story of Vanguard of Forseti) Believed to be established in the 1950s, the Rulers of Shambhala is an organization that employs the most devious individuals from across the planet with the intent of leading the world into a brighter future, one free from strife and...
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    RP XSDF Roleplay Thread: Vanguard of Forseti

    This is the official thread for the main role-playing. Please post all in-character solo and collaborative posts here, while leaving any Out Of Character post on the Think Tank. Dates should be kept close together, but do not have to be strictly chronological. As long as you do not date a post...
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    Rules X-COM/XSDF Second RP Character Bios

    For this Bio page, the initial XSDF essential staff will be listed first, followed by soldiers and lesser staff characters.
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    Rules XSDF Races, Lore, Classes, and Rules

    The following is a section devoted to the various alien species, lore, classes, and basic rules. that will be seen in the new role-play starting a near the end of the story, and continuation of the X-COM role-play, "Story of Defiance". Please note that, unlike last time, these are more a...
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    X-COM Role-Play Character Bios

    Just making this new thread so we can move all of our Character Bios over here for easier references, especially for later arrivals. Please re-post your bios her whenever you get a chance.
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    RP X-Com Role-Play Missions

    X-COM Mission Parameters Alien Abduction Mission Operation: Valkyrie's Charge, March 13th, 2018 Location: 881 Seventh Avenue, New York City, New York, USA Time: 2200 Hours, Local Time Mission Details: At 2000 hours in New York City, an alien craft attempted the mass abduction of the attenders...
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    Rules Alien Character Sheets for X-COM Roleplay

    These are just basic character sheets meant to give the RP more of that RP feeling. Naturally, I'm not going to force anyone to follow these to the letter, as it would defeat the purpose of writing independent stories if I read all of them and criticized you for not following these. They're only...